Romeo and Juliet

Who is Romeo? Lord And Lady Montague’s son, ‘in love’ with Rosaline, marries Juliet, drinks poison to commit suicide
Who is Juliet? Lord And Lady Capulet’s daughter, marries Romeo, stabs herself to commit suicide
Who is Lord Capulet? A wealthy man, leader of the Capulet family
Who is Lady Capulet? Lord Capulet’s wife
Who is Lord Montague? A wealthy man, leader of the Montague family
Who is Lady Montague? Lord Montague’s wife
Who is Benvolio? A Montague, Romeo’s cousin, Romeo’s friend, survives
Who is Mercutio? A Montague, Related to Prince Escalus, fights for the Montagues, killed by Tybalt
Who is The Nurse? Juliet’s caretaker, raised Juliet, is very close to Juliet, outspoken, says anything that’s on her mind
Who is Tybalt? A Capulet, Juliet’s cousin, defends the Capulets no matter what, killed by Romeo
Who is Friar Lawrence? The town Friar, works with herbs, helps ROMEO and Juliet through everything, neutral, is trusted by both houses
Who is Friar John? A ‘Friar in training’, is learning to work with herbs, taught by Friar Lawrence
Who is the Apothecary? Sells drugs and medicine, sells ROMEO the poison to kill himself, puts elements together to make something else (herbs, plants, natural remedies)
Who is Prince Escalus? The Prince of Verona, highest power in city, neutral, respected by both houses
Who is Paris? A Capulet, kinsman to Prince Escalus, wants to marry Juliet, killed by Romeo
Who is Rosaline? A Capulet, Romeo “loved” her
Who is Peter? The clown who can’t read and asks Romeo to read the invitation to the ball, and that is how Romeo and Benvolio find out about the Capulet ball. A servant to Juliet’s nurse.
Why does Peter ask Romeo to read the invitation? Because Romeo is dressed in fine clothes and he looks rich and rich people are well educated and can read
Who killed Mercutio? Tybalt
Who killed Paris? Romeo
Who killed Tybalt? Romeo
Who killed Romeo? Himself
Who killed Juliet? Herself
When did Juliet first not trust the Nurse anymore? When the Nurse told her she should marry Paris
Who did ROMEO buy the poison from? The Apothecary
How did Romeo receive the poison (how did he get it when the Apothecary said no) HE paid the apothecary a lot of money
Why did Romeo and Benvolio and Mercutio go to the ball? Romeo wanted to see Rosaline and Benvolio wanted to show him that there are other girls besides Rosaline
True or False. Lord Capulet forces Juliet to marry Paris at the beginning of the play? False
About how long is the time period for this play? A couple of days
How does Juliet get out of the house to go marry Romeo in secret? She and the nurse go to Friar Lawrence
When do ROMEO AND JULIET want to get married? The morning after the ball
Why does Romeo only get banished and not executed? Because he killed Tybalt and Tybal killed Mercutio so Romeo killed the person who killed another person. The punishment isn’t that bad because he killed a killer. He still killed someone though
What is the town called that Friar Lawrence SENDs ROMEO to? Mantua
True or False. Friar Lawrence tells Romeo THAT he’ll SEND him a message about a plan that involves Juliet? True
Who is supposed to deliver the message to Romeo in Mantua? Friar John
Does the message reach ROMEO? WHY or why not? No because Friar John is pulled into a house to go and save a little boy sick by a disease or plague
Who comes up with the plan for Juliet to not marry Paris? Friar Lawrence
What is the plan? Juliet will take a potion and it’ll make her look like she’s dead. It will last about 24-26 hours. The Capulet’s will place her in their mausoleum and Romeo will come after he receives the message. He will kiss her and she’ll wake up and they will run away and live happily ever after. She will not have to marry Paris because everyone still thinks that she’s dead
Where does this story take place? in Verona, Italy
Is this plan risky? WHY or why not? Yes because what if she doesn’t wake up, or ROMEO doesn’t get the message, or Friar Lawrence gives her the wrong potion and it doesn’t work or it kills her, or so many more possibilities
How does Romeo die? He takes a potion that is VERY VERY VERY strong and it kills him
How does Juliet die? She stabs herself with Romeo’s dagger after finding out ROMEO is dead
Who tells romeo that Juliet is dead? (She’s actually not but they think she is) Balthasar in the book, and Benvolio in the movie
In THE movie, what does benvolio do at ROMEO AND JULIET’s funeral? He makes them hold hands :((
Who should feel the most guilty? Or who is responsible for this tragedy? Why, explain. Friar Lawrence, or Friar John, or Romeo, or Juliet, or Lord Capulet, or Lady Capulet, or Lord Montague, or Lady Montague, or The Nurse, and many more. There’s no wrong answer to this question.
Who wrote Romeo and Juliet? William Shakespeare
What word is used to describe ROMEO AND JULIET ? Star-crossed lovers
What kind of play is this? A tragedy
What year was this play published in? 1597
Who is Sampson? A Capulet servant who fights the Montagues in the beginning of the play, fights with Gregory
Who is Gregory? A Capulet servant who fights the Montagues in the beginning of the play, fights with Sampson
Who is Abraham A Montague servant who fights the Capulets in the beginning of the play
Who is Potpan? A Capulet Servant
Who is Anthony? A Capulet Servant
Who is Balthazar? A servant to Romeo
What does the chorus do? they tell extra information to the audience, a group of people

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