Romeo and Juliet

Escalus Prince of Verona
Paris Related to the prince, a young nobleman
Montague Romeo’s family name
Lord Montague Romeo’s father
Capulet Juliet’s family name
Lord Capulet Juliet’s father
Romeo Montague’s son
Mercutio related to the prince, Romeo’s friend
Benvolio Romeo’s friend, Montague’s nephew
Tybalt Lady Capulet’s nephew
Peter servant to Juliet’s nurse
Lady Montague Montague’s wife
Lady Capulet Capulet’s wife
Juliet Capulet’s daughter
Balthasar Romeo’s servant
Nurse takes care of Juliet
Sampson and Gregory servants with the Capulet family
Abram servant with the Montague family
how many children were in Shakespeare’s family 8
Shakespeare was born and died on the same day. What is the date? April 23
Who did Shakespeare marry? Anne Hathaway
how many plays did sheakespeare write? 37
Romeo and Juliet is considered to be one of his _______ plays earlier
who supported Shakespeare’s acting troupe King James 1
who built the first permanent theater in England James Burbage
The name of this theater was The Theater
When the first theater was torn own, it’s timbers were used to build what? the globe
What time of day were the plays performed? They were performed in the after noon
Acting was not considered respectable by the English Puritans, so ______ played the parts of women boys
a ______ is a narrative about serious and important actions that end unhappily a tragedy
the _______ establishes the setting, introduces some of the main characters, explains background, and introduces the characters’ main conflict the exposition
the __________ consists of a series of complications. these may occur as the main characters take action to resolve their problems rising action
the ____ is the moment when a choice made by the main characters determines the direction of the action crisis
the ________ presents events that usually result from the action taken at the turning point. These events usually lock the characters deeper and deeper into disaster the falling action
the _____ occurs at the end of the play resolution
the source for Romeo and Juliet was a long narrative poem
Shakespeare never wrote a play about a ______ subject contemporary
Shakespeare presents Romeo and Juliet as _______ star cross lovers
what italian city is the setting for the play? Verona
the street fight in the opening scene is between what two families? the montagues and capulets
Benvolio tries to stop the fight. Who attacks him? Tybalt
What are Tybalt’s feelings for the Montagues he hates them
Line 62- this is a key speech. What is tybalt’s mood? How is he shown to be the opposite in nature to Benvolio? Tybalt has drawn his sword and threatens to kill Benvolio. He is full of hate and eager to fight. Benvolio is a peace maker
according to the prince how many times have the Montagues and Capulets disturbed the streets of Verorna? 3
what does the prince say will happen to anyone who disturbs the peace again? They will be put to death
according to Benvolio, who started the fight? Tybalt
where has Benvolio seen Romeo? walking in the woods
Romeo has been described by his father and his friend. What do you know of him so far? Romeo rises early to walk by himself and then shuts himself in his room by day break. He is moody and tearful and he will not talk to anyone about his sorrow
romeo blurts out the truth. What is the cause of his strange behavior the young women romeo loves does not love him
look at the oxymoron’s in romeos speech on page 515. these are contradictions, things that are really the opposite of the way they are described. How does Romeo bitterly relate these to the love he feels? Romeo uses figurative language to compare love to smoke, fire, the sea, gall (meaning ball or bitterness,) and sweet
Benvolio suggests romeo look at other women to get over Rosaline. Why wont looking at other women help romeo? romeo says that looking at other women will only remind him of Rosaline superior beauty
how many children does Lord Capulet have? 1
How old his daughter 13
Line 12 – Paris is very much at each with old capulet and more composed than the lovesick romeo we just saw. What does paris want? to marry Juliet
why doesnt capulet want his daughter to marry right away? he believes that Juliet is too young to marry; she is his only living child and fears losing her to Paris
what instructions does Capulet give the servant invite the person whos names are listed on the note to the feast
whom does romeo love rosaline
how does benvolio plan to cure romeo’s love sickness for rosaline find other beautiful women to look at
where do romeo and benvolio plan to go? the capulet party
the nurse and lady capulet are opposites in nature. Lady Capulet sends the nurse off and then calls her back. Some actresses use his impulsive move to indicate Lady Capulet’s reluctance to speak to her daughter about marriage. In contrast, how does the nurse react in this next scene? the nurse exhibits complete ease with the issue of sexuality. in her earthiness, her bawdiness, and her frankess, she provides a significant contrast to lade capulet reveals her place in the house hold
when will Juliet be 14? August 1 – Lammastide
about what does lady capulet wish to talk Juliet’s marriage to Parris
does Juliet wish to marry? she has not really thought about it?
who tells Juliet that Count Paris would make a fine husband? the nurse
How does the nurse describe Paris as a flower
how does Juliet answer her mother regarding Paris’s love? she will try to love him if her mother wants her too
lady capulet has made an elegant appeal to Juliet, to persuade her to consider marrying Paris. Which images in this speech compare Paris to a fine book the images are fair volume, margent of his eyes, book of love, unbound lover, cover, gold claps, and golden story
it’s a night. The stage is lit with torches and filled with grotesquely masked young men. the mood is one of excitement – but we are watching romeo. what does he say in the next speeches to indicate that he is still heavy-hearted? romeo says he is “heavy,” has a “soul of lead,” and is so “enpierced” with cupids arrow that he cannot rise about his woe
why cant romeo soar with cupid’s wings? he is too much in love with rosaline
Mercutio is a key character. Here he comes out of the crowd and speaks to romeo. they engage in a verbal duel about love. in the following dialogue, how do mercutio and romeo differ in their attitudes toward love? ? Romeo feels oppressed but unrequited love and powerless to combat his feelings. Mercutio believes in taking action and being realistic about love, “if love be rough with you, be rough with love.”
Mercutio is a ringleader and a born entertainer. As he tells the story about Queen Mab, everyone stops and listens in fascinated silence. For the moment, Romeo is in the background. How is Mercutio, in this famous speech, trying to get Romeo’s mind off serious thoughts about dreams and their significance? According to Mercutio, what does Queen Mab have to do with Romeo? Through fanciful description, humorous puns, and mockery, Mercutio is trying to amuse romeo and to show him the insignificance of dreams. Mercutio says that queen mab has brought Romeo’s dream and is not to be taken seriously
Mercutio could be comparing Romeo to the frozen north. If he is , what warning does he give his friend about remaining cold too long? Mercutio warns Romeo that he could lose his friends if he continues to rebuff them. Mercutio uses words that evoke a sense of alienation
Romeo again expresses feelings that something terrible will happen. Does he give any reasons for his fears? Which words in this speech suggests that he is going to the party because he is in the hands of fate? Romeo expresses his fear as an intuition, a misgiving without logical explanation; however, his phrase “A despised life, closed in my breasts.” Suggest that he is always expected tragedy in his life. His fatalism is evident and his references to the stars and to, “he that hath the steerage of my course.”
how does romeo describe Juliet? she is too beautiful for earth
what has happened to romeo he has seen Juliet and instantly fallen in love
why would we feel a sense of fear when we see Tybalt stepping onto center stage again? the audience knows tybalt’s hatred of the montagues and his rash temper. he could kill romeo or because of the princes order sentence romeo to death simply by provoking a fight
what is capulet’s sensible reply to tybalt’s hostility? what feelings inCapulet revealing in his next speeches? Have Capulet’s feeling about the Montagues changed since scene one? Capulet says that Romeo is behaving like a gentleman and should be left alone. Capulet is trying to be reasonable and fair, but his pride and temper are also evident in his speeches. In scene one Capulet automatically assumed that Montague was affronting him, but when Tybalt reacts in a similar way Capulet is angry and chides for childish behavior
what has happend to his love for rosaline it has been forgotten
who wants to attack romeo at the capulets’ masked ball? Tybalt
how does capulet describe romeo as a well mannered youth who has not caused any trouble
does capulet allow the fight to take place? no
in the midst of the swirling dancers, Romeo and Juliet kiss. all of the audience’s attention must be on this kiss. what do you fear as you watch remembering Tybalt is nearby? the audience fears that Tybalt will see the kiss and be unable to restrain his anger
when does romeo realize Juliet’s identity – before or after the kiss? after
after Romeo and Juliet have fallen in love at first sight, who tells each of them the other’s identity? the nurse
ad the nurse interrupts, the dance ends. Juliet runs off, and Romeo is left alone with a nurse. What do we know about the Capulets’ plans for Juliet that Romeo does not know the caulet’s want Juliet to marry Parris
Juliet has moved to the side of the stage. What feelings must she convey in this question? while pretending to be idly curious, Juliet must also communicate intense interest and excitement
what tone of voice would juliet use when she realizes Romeo is a montague julliet could be thoughtful, secretive, and sorrowful. she has just realized that Romeo is a montague and therefore her, “only love” is a “loadith enemy”
how important is the role of fate in Act 1? very. faith brings romeo and Juliet together

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