Romeo and Juliet

What is the climax of Romeo and Juliet? Mercutio and Tybalt die.
What conflict does Juliet have when she finds out Romeo killed Tybalt? She loves Romeo (her husband,) but Tybalt was family (her cousin.)
Who says, “I am fortune’s fool,” and why? Romeo says it because he feels like he is being played with as a victim of fate. Tybalt just killed Mercutio and then Romeo killed Tybalt.
Why does Romeo think banishment is worse than death? Romeo feels that there is no life outside of Verona and that he cannot live without Juliet.
Who is Balthasar? Romeo’s friend/ servant who acts as a messenger to bring Romeo news of Verona and inform Friar of Romeo’s needs.
Why is Capulet angry when Juliet refuses to marry Paris? Juliet is usually very obedient.
What does the Nurse say when Juliet asks her for advice about marrying Paris and how does this make Juliet feel? The Nurse tells Juliet that Paris is better than Romeo. Juliet feels betrayed and becomes independent because she can no longer rely on the Nurse.
Explain Friar’s plan for Juliet because she doesn’t want to marry Paris. Friar gives Juliet a potion that makes one pale and have a low pulse so they seem dead. She will take it on Wednesday night, the night before the wedding. Friar will send a letter to Romeo explaining the plan. Friar and Romeo will go to the Capulet tomb to get Juliet when she wakes up.
List three things that ruined Friar’s plan for Juliet to get out of marrying Paris. 1.) The wedding got moved up from Thursday to Wednesday.2.) Father John was sick and therefore could not deliver the letter to Romeo explaining the plan.3.) Balthazar told Romeo that Juliet was actually dead.
What does Juliet talk about before she takes the potion from Friar and what type of speech is it? It is a soliloquy where Juliet worries about the risks of the potion. She fears that the potion won’t work, that it is actually poison, that she might wake up before Romeo arrives and suffocate, and that Tybalt’s ghost will take revenge.
Who says, “Death lies on her like an untimely frost upon the sweetest flower of all the field,” and what is the significance? Capulet says it because she was beautiful and unexpectedly died right before her wedding. It is pretty, but tragic.
Who says, “Death is my son-in-law. Death is my heir,” and what does it mean? Capulet says it because Juliet passed away right before her wedding, so death married her.
Who says, “Then I defy you, stars,” and why? Romeo says it after Balthazar tells him Juliet is dead. Romeo is tired of being controlled by destiny and decides to go against his fate.
Why does the apothecary give Romeo the poison? Although it was illegal to sell the poison, the apothecary was very poor and Romeo gave him lots of gold.
Why could Friar John not deliver the letter to Romeo? He was sick and could not leave his house in order to keep his disease from spreading.
What two things does Romeo tell Balthazar that he is going into the Capulet tomb for? 1.) To look at Juliet’s face.2.) To take a ring from her finger.
Why is Paris angry when he sees Romeo enter the Capulet crypt? Romeo killed Tybalt, and Paris thinks Juliet died because she was grieving his death. He also thinks Romeo will vandalize the tomb.
Why does Romeo lay Paris with Juliet when he dies? Romeo still has a good-heart.
When Juliet wakes up and asks Friar about Romeo, what is his response? Friar blames a “greater power” and tells Juliet that he will hide her in a convent with the sisterhood of the nuns.
How does Lady Montegue die? She died grieving Romeo’s banishment.
Who says, “All are punished,” at the end of the play and how is everyone punished? The Prince says it because there was so much death and everyone is grieving.
What type of day was it when Mercutio and Tybalt died and how did it effect the characters? It was a hot day, so there was more tension between people.
Who says “A plague on both your houses,” and why? Mercutio says it after he suffers a fatal wound. He is angry that a fight between the Capulet and Montegue families caused his death.
Why is Romeo angry after Mercutio dies? Romeo is angry because he should’ve been fighting, not Mercutio and he feels that love has softened him.
What does Juliet say when she talks to the ladder outside her window? She is upset and angry that the rope ladder is torturing her because Romeo will not be coming and that she will die a virgin.
Who says, “Affliction is enamour’d of thy parts, and thou art wedded to calamity,” and what does it mean? Friar says it to Romeo because Romeo attracts trouble and damage.
What does Friar say in his monologue after Romeo offers to stab himself and “remove his name?” Friar is frustrated, annoyed, and overwhelmed and says that Romeo is acting like a girl, killing himself would kill Juliet, if Romeo didn’t kill Tybalt then Tybalt would’ve killed him, to go to Juliet and comfort her and then leave for Mantua, and that Friar will go to the Prince and beg pardon.
What feelings occur at the end of the play? Sadness and reconciliation.
monologue a long speech that one character speaks directly to another character/characters.
soliloquy a long speech that a character speaks alone to himself or herself regarding inner thoughts, conflicts, and feelings.
aside a character says something to the audience that the other characters don’t hear.
What are the six parts of a “tragedy” defined by Aristotle? 1. Plot.2. Characters.3. Diction (Word choice/language.)4. Thought (Themes.)5. Spectacle.6. Melody (Music.)
What is often the conflict in a tragedy? fate (destiny) vs. free will (human choice.)
What are the characteristics of a tragic hero? 1. Born into nobility.2. Suffers downfall rooted in a tragic flaw.3. Potential for greatness but doomed to make errors in judgment.4. Realizes mistake and faces death with honor and dignity.5. The audience can empathize.
star-crossed lovers doomed by unlucky/inauspicious stars.
What is Romeo’s last name? Montague.
What is Juliet’s last name? Capulet.
What is the setting? Verona, Italy; hot summer; Renaissance (14-15 century.)
What are some central themes? love vs. hate; death; free will vs. fate; love as a cause of violence.
What is Romeo’s flaw? blinded by his love for Juliet; has a love for love.
oxymoron two contradicting words used to show a character in conflict.
What are some examples of oxymorons from Romeo’s speech? brawling love; loving hate; heavy lightness; feather of lead; bright smoke; cold fire; sick health; still-waking sleep.
foil a character who contrasts over another character and highlights that character’s strengths and/or weaknesses.
What is an example of a foil? nurse-foils-Juliet; makes Juliet look more pure and innocent.
sonnet a 14 line poem that ends in a couplet.
What form is the introduction in and who says it? sonnet; the chorus.

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