Romeo and Juliet

Who wrote Romeo and Juliet? William Shakespeare
In what city and country is the play set in? Verona, Italy
In what city, country, and theater was Romeo and Juliet originally performed. London, England in The Globe Theater
Name the two feuding families. Does the play tell us why they were feuding? Capulets and Montagues. No.
Name the two hotheads and which family each belonged to. Mercutio, Montague & Tybalt, Capulet
Name the friend of Romeo’s who is often trying to keep the peace. Benvolio
What sign of disrepect does Sampson do towards Abram? He bites his thumb at him
In Act 1, who is acting tougher than he really is? Sampson
When the play begins who is Romeo in love with? Rosaline
Who is the illiterate servant who is sent out to give invitations to the Capulet party? Peter
What does Romeo climb over to see Juliet? orchard wall
What type of party does Capulet host? masquerade party
Explain why Tybalt gets offended. How does Capulet act towards the offended part? Because Romeo goes to a Capulet party and he is a Montague. Capulet tells Tybalt to leave them alone because they are not doing anything to bother anybody.
How many times do Romeo and Juliet kiss at the party? twice
Why did Romeo go to the party? Because Peter couldn’t read so Romeo helped Peter and then he came across Rosaline’s name on the invitation list.
Who searches for Romeo after the party? Tybalt
Where and who marries Romeo and Juliet? Friar Lawrence in his cell or at the church St. Peter’s Church
What does the nurse have to do? Go get a rope ladder
Why does this person marry Romeo and Juliet? Because he thinks it will end the feud of the two families.
Name the first character in the play to die. Mercutio
Why is Romeo exiled from Verona? He killed Tybalt.
Who doesn’t believe Benvolio’s story Lady Capulet
Where does Romeo go when he gets exiled? Mantua, Italy
Who gets upset at Romeo because he is not using his natural talent for the right purpose? Friar Lawrence
After Romeo gets banished, explain Friar Lawrence’s plan for Romeo and Juliet. What is his ultimate goal in devising this plan? He wants Juliet to go home and pretend that she is happy and then take the potion to knock her out for two days and make the Capulets think she is dead. She would miss the marriage with Paris and then he would go get her from the tomb after two days so she and Romeo could live happily ever after.
Explain why the Apothecary sells Romeo the poison. Because the apothecary was poor and needed the money.
Who is the first to find Juliet “dead”? the nurse
Who is the first person to visit Juliet’s tomb? Paris
Who does Romeo kill in Act 5? Paris
How does Romeo die? Explain in a paragraph. He kills himself by drinking a potion.
How does Juliet die? Explain in a paragraph. She sees Romeo and sees he’s dead so she takes his sword and kills herself.
Whose death do readers learn of last in the play? Lady Montague
Who fell asleep in the graveyard? Balthasar
What was going to be built in the city as a reminder of Romeo and Juliet? statues

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