Romeo and juliet

Author William shakespeare
Born and died Born- 1564Died- 1616
When was Romeo and Juliet written? 1597
Where was Shakespeare born Stratford- upon- Avon
Purpose of prologue To summarize the play
How long is the play 2 hours
Setting of play Verona and mantua
Two families Capulet and montague
What caused the fight between the families One little word or thing that turned into a huge deal
What does prince tell the families if they have any more outbreaks of violence He will kill them
Why is Romeo upset in the beginning He is depressed over Rosaline
Why is Paris meeting caplet at the beginning? He wants permission to marry juliet
What does capulet say to paris He says go to the feast and look at other women. If he still wants to marry Juliet and she agrees then he will give him permission
How old is Juliet 13
Why does benvolio want Romeo to go to the feast So he can see Rosaline and then find other women
What is Lammas eve Holiday celebrating the summer harvest and Juliet will turn 14
What happened to the nurses daughter susan She died
What are Juliet’s feelings about marriage in the beginning She doesn’t want to get married yet
Why is mercutio making fun of Romeo at the feast Because he won’t dance
Why does mercutio give the queen mab speech To cheer up romeo
How did Romeo get invited to the feast The servant couldn’t read and came up to Romeo asking him if he could help. The capulet servant didn’t know Romeo was a montague and invited him to the feast.
How are Romeo and his friends able to enter the party without being caught They have masks on
What happens when Romeo sees juliet He forgets he ever liked rosaline
Why does capulet tell Tybalt not to fight romeo Because Romeo is very respected and he doesn’t want them to make a big scene
After Romeo and Juliet fall in love at first sight, who tells them each other’s identity The nurse
How do Romeo and Juliet feel about their respective last name They would give up their names for each other
Why is Romeo not afraid to tell Juliet how he feels Because he overheard her confess her feelings for him
Who brings up the idea of marriage Juliet
What time are Romeo and Juliet supposed to meet Nine
What is friar Laurence doing at dawn Picking herbs
Why does Friar think Romeo has sinned Because he knows Romeo was out all night and he thought he was with Rosaline but she can’t be with anyone bc she’s a nun
Why does friar agree to marry Romeo and juliet He thinks it willEnd the family feud
What instructions does Romeo give the nurse for juliet Have her say she’s going to confession when she will actually be getting married to romeo
How does Romeo plan to enter Juliets house after they get married He Will use a rope and ladder
Why is Juliet mad at the nurse Because she is late from meeting w romeo
How does the nurse arrive after meeting romeo Tired and she’s complaining
Why does Romeo refuse Tybalts challenge He doesn’t want to figt
Why does benvolio tell Tybalt and mercutio to take their fight off the streets Because they will be killed if they fight on the streets
Who mentions the possibility of a fight Benvolio
Why does Romeo end up fighting tybalt Because Tybalt just killed mercutio
What punishment does Romeo get for tybalts death Banished from Verona to mantua
What symbol does Juliet send Romeo of her love A ring
Where is Romeo hiding Friar Laurence’s cell
What does Romeo fear about juliet He’s scared she won’t love him anymore because he killed tybalt
What does friar tell Romeo to do Go be with and comfort Juliet then go to mantua and wait until it all blows over and they will find a way to get him back and eventually announce their marriage
What plans does capulet make for Juliet on thursday Juliet and Paris will get married
How does Juliet mislead her mom Lady capulet thinks Juliet is sad and crying over Tybalt when she’s actually sad over Romeo being banished
How does Juliet disobey her parents She doesn’t want to marry paris
What does capulet say to Juliet when he finds out she won’t marry paris She will be disowned and living on the streets if she doesn’t marry him
What does the nurse do Stands up to capulet for Juliet
Who does Juliet go to for help Friar laurnce
Where is Romeo banished to Mantua
What does Paris try to get Juliet to say That she loves him but she doesn’t say it
What solution does friar give to Juliet A potion that willMake her seem dead so she won’t have to get married
How long will the potion last 42 hours
How will Romeo be informed of the plan They will send him a letter
How does Juliet convince friar that he must come up with a solution She threatens to kill herself
How does Juliet please capulet She fakes it but tells capulet she will marry paris
What does capulet then do Moves the wedding to wednesday
How does Juliet get rid of the nurse and her mom at bedtime She says she needs to be alone and oray
If the potion doesn’t work what will Juliet do Kill herself with a dagger
What doubts does Juliet have about the friar with the potion That the potion is actually poison
Why else is Juliet afraid She’s afraid when she wakes up she willSee all the dead bodies in the vault
What makes her drink the potion She drinks it for romeo
Who discovers Juliets body Nurse
What does friar tell the family about juliet That crying won’t help and she’s in a better place
What do they think caused her death Grief over Tybalt
What dream does Romeo have His dream was Romeo was dead but Juliet wakes him up w a kids
What happens that friar didn’t consider Romeo didn’t get the letter so he thinks she’s actually dead
Although it’s illegal how does Romeo finally convince the apothecary to give him the poison The apothecary is poor so Romeo gives him 40Gold coins
Why does Romeo call the poison a cordial He sees it as giving him health because he will be able to be with Juliet
Why didn’t friar John deliver the letter to romeo He was helping true sick that had the Black Death and because of that he was not allowed to leave Verona because officials are afraid he would spread it so he wasn’t able to deliver the letter to romeo
Why was Paris at the capulet vault To visit Juliet and bring her flowers
Name of Romeos servant guy Balthasar
Why does Paris want Romeo to die Bc he knows Romeo killed tybalt
What happens at the vault w Paris and romeo They fight and Romeo kills paris
What are Paris’ wishes To lay in rest w Juliet bc he was supposed to marry her
What does Romeo say to Tybalt in the vault Forgive me cousin
What does Romeo notice about Juliet that made her wonder if she’s actually dead Her cheeks and lips are ref
What does Romeo say when he dies He cheers to Juliet then says “thus with a kiss I die”
What is the Friars plan for Juliet when he finds out Romeo and Paris are dead To go live with nuns. She can’t go to her parents because they think she’s dead
How does Juliet kill herself She stabs herself with the dagger
How does lady montague die Died over grief of Romeos banishment
What does the friar tell the families and prince and what does he offer He tells both families everything that has happened with r and j. He says if they want they can kill him
What does the prince say and who does he blame for the death Their hate in the families basically killed their kids
What do the families offer as a token of friendship Build a statue of each other’s kids (Romeo and Juliet) in pure gold
Characters who died in play and how Tybalt- stabbedMercutio- stabbed in duel Romeo- drank poisonJuliet- stabbed herselfParis- Romeo killed him in a duelLady montague- grief over Romeo being banished (she didn’t even know he was dead)
William Shakespeare’s jobs Poet, play write, actor, may have been school teacher when he was young, business man owned globe theater
Did Shakespeare ever get a formal education at a university Nope
Shakespeare made up many ______ Words
Shakespeare died at age __ 52
Shakespeare was buried at…. Under the floor of Stratford church
Soliloquy When a character is talking to themself
Monologue When a character is talking to someone or something
Aside When something is said by a character to the audience while the other ppl on stage pretend their characters can’t hear them
Dramatic irony When the reader knows something that the character doesnt
Comic relief Humorous scene
Motif Recurring object, object, or structure in a work of literature. May also be two contrasting elements in a work such as good and evil
Exposition Introductory material which gives the setting, creates the tone, presents characters, and gives facts (background)!!!
Foreshadowing Use of hints or clues to suggest what happens later in the story
Inciting force Event or character that triggers the conflict
Conflict Essence of fiction. Creates plot. Problem/ issue in story.
Rising action Series of events that builds from conflict. Begins w inciting force and ends with the conflict
Crisis Conflict reaches turning point. At this point the opposing forces meet and becomes intense. Occurs before or at climax
Climax Result of crisis. High point of story. Where outcome of conflict can be predicted
Falling action Events after climax that close story
Resolution (denouement) Rounds out and concludes action
Authors purpose Why author wrote text (entertain? Persuade, inform, etc)
Characterization Method author uses to reveal characters and personalities
Direct characterization What the character says about themself
Indirect characterization What others say about characters or what the reader can infer about characters
Types of conflict Man v manMan v societyMan v selfMan v nature(Man v fate)
Flashback Returning to earlier time in story
Imagery Words to paint picture in readers mind
Inference Coming to conclusion based on evidence
Verbal irony When writer says one thing and means another ( best experience is being 13)
Situational irony Great difference between purpose of action and result
Metaphor Direct comparison between 2 unlike things
Mood Feeling a text arouses in the reader
Personification When author describes something as if it were a person
Point of view Point from story told
1st person I, told from u
3rd person limited He, she, they
3rd person omniscient Knows all about characters but not in story (Shakespeare in r and j)
Setting Where takes place (Verona and mantua)
Simile Comparison using like or as
Symbolism Occurs when something is used as symbol for something else (ex dove is symbol of peace) sometimes characters are symbols of good and evil
Theme Statement that the writer is trying to get across
Tone Feeling/effect created by authors use of words
Types of characters Dynamic- changes and grows in story (capulet)Static- doesn’t change throughout story (friar)Round- many personality traits (Romeo and Juliet)Flat- one personality trait (nurse, mercutio)

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