Review Concepts of Romeo and Juliet

In act 1, why is Romeo moping around and hiding himself away from the world? Because he is in love with Rosaline and she doesn’t love him back and he cannot get over her.
Why was Juliet for the majority allowed to go to one of her first parties? Her father wanted her to get to know Paris so later on they might get married and would save his family from the death sentence if they ever got in a quarrel with the Montagues.
Both Juliet and Romeo prefer to go to someone else beside their parents when they need help and guidance. Who do they choose to go to? Juliet goes to her nurse because she raised her and is more of a mother figure than her real mother.Romeo chooses to go to Friar Lawrence because he has a religious background and is very good at helping Romeo through times when he needs guidance.
How does Romeo get into the Capulet’s party? His friend and relative of the prince, Mercutio was invited and Romeo asked if he could come with him so he could see Rosaline and try and win her back.
How does he find out about this party? Capulet’s servant couldn’t read the guest list and asked Romeo on the street if he could read it to him and when he read Rosaline’s name he decided this was he chance to see her again.
Romeo is able to get through the whole party by not being recognized. FALSE! Tybalt hears him talking to Benvolio and realizes it’s the voice of a Montague, no less Romeo Montague.
When does Juliet meet Romeo for the first time? A. On her balconyB. While getting refreshments at the Capulet partyC. At the party during a very busy time (correct answer)D. Walking through the streets
How long does it take for Romeo to get over Rosaline?How soon after Juliet and Romeo meet do they decide they are going to get married? Less than a day!They have known each other less than 24 hours.
Does the nurse and Friar Lawrence deep down agrees with their marriage? The nurse agrees and will do anything to keep Juliet happy. Friar Lawrence doesn’t like the idea because it will only end badly and he believes Romeo doesn’t even know what love truly is.
What did some people wear masks at the parties? Young people would wear masks to conceal their faces and young unmarried women would to show they were innocent. They also were used to be an elegant accessory to add to their outfit.
Who promises Romeo he will secretly marry him and Juliet? Friar Lawrence promised he would assist them.
Inversion rearranging the expected order of syntax example: Bring the bowl unto the maids she did.
Contraction Combining two wordsexamples: do + not= don’t I + will= I’ll
Shakespeare’s Theatre The Globe
Couplet Two lines that rhyme with each other and are not separated by another line.
Quatrain Four lines rhymed ABAB
Prologue prose or verse that comes before a major work to introduce its setting, characters and themes.
Iambic Pentameter 5 iambs per line (iamb = 2 syllables in the unstressed stressed pattern)
Blank Verse unrhymed iambic pentameter.
Sonnet 14 line rhymed iambic pentameter.
Apostrophe A turn from a larger group to address a smaller group/
Oxymoron A two word phrase that seems to contradict itself.
Paradox A situation that seem to contradict itself (and sometimes actually does)
Monologue A long speech meant to be heard by at least one character.
FOIL A character who parallels another in most important ways, but who demonstrates an important difference at a critical moment.
Aside A short speech meant to be “hidden” from a least one character on stage.
Soliloquy A long speech meant to be without an audience

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