Renaissance, Tragedy, Macbeth

How long was the Renaissance? 1500-1650
What year did Shakespeare die? 1650
What is the Renaissance known as? The rebirth of ancient greek art, philosophy, and thinking
What invention helped this movement? printing press
What kind of plays did Shakespeare write? tragedies
What is a tragedy? a sad type of story, not just sadness
What was the shortest play Shakespeare wrote? Macbeth
What was the longest play Shakespeare wrote? Hamlet
What is the most written about play in our language? Hamlet
What is the second most written about play? Waiting for Godot
What is telekinesis? moving things with your mind
What is precognition? knowing what happens before it happens
What is clairvoyance? having knowledge of the present that you are not supposed to have
What is audience knowledge? when the audience knows stuff that the characters don’t know
What characters are introduced first in Macbeth? witches
Where does Macbeth take place? Scotland
What do the witches say to Macbeth when is walks by? Hail Macbeth; later they tell him that he will be king
What language is Macbeth written in? Modern English
What does Macbeth say when the witches tell him that he is going to be king? he wants them to tell him more details
Who is Banquo? Macbeth’s cynical friend; he doubts that Macbeth will be king
What do the witches look like? long beards, scaly skin, old
What is a nickname for the witches? The Weird Sisters
What do the witches say about Banquo’s son? He will be king
What war is Macbeth returning from? Scotland vs. Norway
Who is Hecate? queen of the witches
Who drugs the guards? Lady Macbeth
What is negative capabilities? not letting the audience know how the writer feels about certain situations or issues
How does Macbeth feel about Banquo’s son? scared that he will take his throne; feels threatened by him
What is Banquo’s child’s name? Fleance
What time of day is Banquo killed? twilight
Who is the suspect for killing Banquo? Fleance because he fled
What year is Macbeth set in? 1100
What happens the night that Banquo is killed? there is a big banquet with lots of big people (Lennox, Ross, and other nobles)
Who is sitting at Macbeth’s seat at the table at dinner? Banquo’s ghost
What does Lady Macbeth say about how Macbeth is acting at dinner? she says he is sick and they shouldn’t question him because that could only make him act worse
When is the first time Macbeth is in not in an invincible position? at dinner when he is scared of Banquo’s ghost
When is the first time the audience should not like Macbeth? Act 3; he is plotting to kill a kid (Fleance)
Why is Hecate mad at the other witches? 1. didn’t include her2. they wasted their witchcraft on a loser
When does Hecate want to meet to fix the issue? the next morning
What is an apparition? a vision that appears ghostly
How many kids does King Duncan have? 2
What are the names of King Duncan’s sons? Malcolm and Donalbaine
How does Lady Macbeth die? kills herself off stage
What are some of the most famous lines from Macbeth? Macbeth’s response to Lady Macbeth’s killing
What do the people in England want to do? take over Macbeth
Who is the battle between? Malcolm, Macduff, and Donalbaine vs. Macbeth
How does Macbeth feel going into this battle? isn’t scared because “no man naturally born of a woman” can defeat him
What thoughts comfort Macbeth as he is going to fight Macduff? apparitions
How do they fight? They cover themselves in camo. The “woods move forward”. They all kill each other and it’s left to Macduff and Macbeth.
Who was not “born naturally of a woman”? Macduff
Who is king at the end of the play? Malcolm
Who made the definition of tragedy? Plato
Who was Plato? a philosopher in ancient Greek; wrote Republic; defined tragedy by reading all tragedy and made up the commons
What is the book that Plato wrote called? Poetics
What are the 4 traits of a tragedy? tragic hero, tragic flaw, error in judgement, tragic fall
What is catharsis? complete wringing out of emotions; no feelings are left
What are the unities that Plato wrote about? time, place, action (all plays take place in 1 time, 1 setting, and 1 plot)
How does Shakespeare change all of the unities? His plays take place over a long period of time, in multiple places, and have subplots, not just one large plot.
What unity did Shakespeare not follow? good and bad qualities unity
Where are most tragedies from? Ancient Greece or the Renaissance
What is the goal of a tragedy? catharsis

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