Questions for Act 2 of The Crucible

What duty has Mary Warren been performing in Salem? She is now an official of the court
What does Elizabeth Proctor report to her husband about the trials in Salem? What does she urge John to do? That Mary Warren event up for them and he threatens to kill her. 14 people go to prison and urges him to go to Salem.
What gift does Mary Warren present to Elizabeth? A small poppet.
What ominous revelation does Mary Warren make about Elizabeth’s reputation? How does this disclosure serve to make the quarrel between Elizabeth and John even more heated? That her name was mentioned before the court.
What are some of the ways in which John Hale questions Proctor and his wife about their religious faith? How do the Proctors answer each of the questions and allegations? Saying they only showed up to church 26 times in 17 months.
What theological argument does John Hale use to explain the causes of the events in Salem? That they didn’t know the 10 commandments.
What conflict does John Proctor face at the end of the act? Mary won’t go to the court and fix things for Prcotor and Elizabeth because she is afraid of Abigail.
Who is the antagonist? How about the protagonist? Abigail- antagonistProctor- protagonist

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