banquo’s death, fleance escapes climax Macbeth
prophecy exciting force Macbeth
(duncan declares Macbeth heir)(Plot murder)(imaginary dagger)(Duncan’s death)(Macbeth’s guilt)(discord)(Macbeth becomes king)(Malcolm and Donalban flee)(Banquo’s suspicions)(Meeting with murderers) rising action Macbeth
(Banquo’s ghost)(Macduff flees to England)(3 apparitions)(Macbeth kills Macduff’s family)(Malcolm and Macduff talk)(Lady M goes crazy and dies)(Macbeth battles Young Siward and Macduff) falling action
(Macbeth dies)(Malcolm crowned heir)(order) catastrophe
inciting moment Oedipus plague on Thebes
Exposition Oedipus prologueOedipus discusses plan w/ suppliants
Rising Action Oedipus argument w/ Teiresias
Complication Oedipus Iocaste mentions Laios’ death, Oedipus wonders if he had a hand in his death
Climax Oedipus messenger says Polybos is dead
Reversal (turning point) Oedipus messenger polybos isn’t Oedipus’ father
falling action Oedipus oedipus’ anagnorisis
Catastrophe (Oedipus) Iocaste kills herself, Oedipus blinds himself
Moment of last suspense Oedipus Oedipus leaves Thebes, Creon takes overChorus says: don’t make Oedipus’ life yours

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