Part B: Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet’s respective reactions to discovering they were from feuding households When Romeo and Juliet found out that they were from feuding they were upset that the only love that they could ever have was from their worst enemy. Romeo: ” O dear account! My life is my foe’s debt” (1.5.132)Juliet ” My only love sprung from my only hate! Too early seen unknown, and known too late! Prodigious birth of love it is to me, That must love a loathed enemy. (1.5.152-155)
The Friar’s reaction to Romeo’s request to marry he and Juliet. Also note his subsequent advice to Romeo When Romeo told Friar Lawrence that he wanted to marry Juliet, Father Lawrence was very surprised because Romeo was all upset the day before about Rosaline and how she was his only love.
The source of Tybalt and Romeo’s adversarial relationship (when/how did it begin?) Tybalt and Romeo’s adversarial relationship truly began because of the feuding families. But there aggravation towards each others stems from the Capulet feast and Tybalt being upset over Romeo’s arrival.
Capulet’s changing attitudes on Juliet’s readiness for marriage Capulet was willing to allow Juliet to think about Paris and decide for herself if she wanted to marry him. It’s when Tybalt dies that Lord Capulet forces Juliet to marry Pairs. And if Juliet chooses not to marry Paris, then Lord Capulet would make her go live on the streets.
The battle scene involving Mercutio, Tybalt, and Romeo: how did the events transpire? When Tybalt arrived, Mercutio was defending Romeo. Then when Romeo arrived, Tybalt went after Romeo and Mercutio followed. Romeo tried to calm Mercutio down so he could take care of this problem on his own. When Tybalt went after Mercutio and stabbed him, Mercutio made it seem like a small cut. Then when he died, Romeo knew he had to avenge his death and that made him angry and want to kill Tybalt.
The Prince’s sentencing for Romeo The Prince banished Romeo from Verona and Romeo went to go live in Mantua. Friar Lawrence tells Romeo that he will do the best he can to get Romeo back living in Verona.
The Friar’s plan to protect Juliet from marrying Paris Friar Lawrence’s plan to protect Juliet from marrying Paris was to give her a vial of liquid that would make her look dead but actually keep her alive. He then would bring her to the Capulet vault and wait for Romeo to come and be with her when she woke up. Then once she was awake the Friar would send Romeo and Juliet away until the three of them could explain to the Capulets and Montagues about the marriage.
Juliet’s thought process before she executes the plan Before Juliet executes the plan she thinks about what could happen with the vial of liquid. She thinks about the possibility of death and any other problems that could come with the vial of liquid.
The reasons why the plan failed to safely reunite Juliet and Romeo Balthasar told Romeo that Juliet had died and that caused Romeo to rush into Verona to buy the poison and his final act of killing himself. The message from Friar Lawrence didn’t come in time which meant Romeo didn’t get the message and Romeo thinking she died.
Juliet’s reaction to waking up in the tomb, Romeo dead next to her When Juliet realized that Romeo was next to her and he was dead her final thought was to kiss him and then to kill herself with the knife that Romeo had brought.
The Friar’s interaction with Juliet in the tomb When Friar Lawrence saw Juliet in the tomb, there was no stopping her. She wanted to be with Romeo and there was nothing that would stop her from committing suicide.
The resolution of the story The resolution to the story that was once both Lord Capulet and Montague found there deceased child, they realized that there long fight between the two houses could cause pretty heavy damage to their families and the people around them.

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