Part 2 Things Fall Apart

Who is the woman who keeps having twins? Nneka
Where are the unwanted twins kept? the Evil Forest
What is the evil forest? land where people with diseases are taken to so they can die; anything evil or unclean that is cursed by the village goes here
What plot of land does the clan give the missionaries to build their church? the Evil Forest
Where does Okonkwo get exiled to for seven years? Mbanta, his mother’s village
What are the two white missionaries names? Mr. Kaiga and Mr. Brown
What is the significance of the python? symbolizes the discontinuity of the colonialist and indigenous moral and religious values
Who are Okonkwo’s three wives? Nwoye’s mother, Ekwefi, and Ojiugo
Who is interested in Christianity? Nwoye
What does Nwoye say to Obierika when asked about his father? Nwoye says that Okonkwo is not his father
What is the name of Okonkwo’s uncle? Uchendu
Who is the eldest man in Mbanta? Uchendu
Who delivers the Mother Supreme speech? Uchendu
The white men brought their own ___ and ____. religion and government
True or False: the kinsmen of Mbanta do not help Okonkwo settle in false; they build him a hut and lend him yam seeds
What is the Mother is Supreme? a man belongs to his fatherland and stays there when life is good, but he seeks refuge in his motherland when life is bitter and harsh
What village was destroyed? Abame
Who delivers the news of Abame being destroyed? Obierika
What do the white men arrive with? iron horse
How does Uchendu feel about Abame? they were foolish to kill a man who said nothing
What word does the convert translator keep saying? my buttocks
What is an efulefu? titeless, worthless men
What is an osu? outcast
Who was the majority of the converts? outcasts
What does Okonkwo say about the Mbanta clan? “womanly” clan
Why is Nwoye drawn to Christianity? gives answers to his religion; especially the abandonment of twins and Ikemefuna’s death
True or False: Okonkwo thinks it is a waste to save his relationship with Nwoye True

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