Othello test

In the opening scene of the play, Roderigo is unhappy with Iago because… Iago approves of Othello’s marriage
Iago believes he is a better choice for lieutenant than Cassio because… Cassio is “book smart”
Othello’s place in Venice can best be described as… Tolerated
When Iago says “I swear by Janus” this is an example of… Allusion
Upon discovering his daughter may have eloped with Othello, Brabantio tells Roderigo… He wishes Roderigo would have married Desdemona.
Brabantio believes Othello must have deduced his daughter through… Magic and drugs
The atmosphere of Act 1 can best be described as… Chaotic, confusing
What warning does Iago give to Othello about Brabantio? He is powerful and will get the Duke to take his side
What is Othello’s attitude toward Brabantio’s accusations? He is calm because he has done good things for Venice
Upon being confronted by Brabantio, Othello… Tells Brabantio to put down his sword and use his mind
Brabantio sees Desdemona as… An innocent girl who would not run away with Othello
In his speech to the Duke, Othello states that he is… More of a soldier than a talker
During the “war room” scene, the Duke struggles with… Having to choose between Brabantio and Othello
Othello explains that Desdemona fell in love with him because… She was touched by his treacherous life stories
Brabantio warns Othello that… Desdemona will trick him too
What does Roderigo wish to do at the end of Act 1? Drown himself
Iago convinced Roderigo that Iago is the kind of servant who… Only appears dutiful to his master
Iago attempts to convince Roderigo that Desdemona will tire of Othello because… She is lustful, not physically attracted anymore, and wants a man her own age who is better looking
When Iago says “divinity of hell” this is an example of… Paradox
Which statement best describes how Iago feels about Roderigo? He is like a dog to be used for Iago’s benefit
All of the following types of imagery are associated with Iago’s speech except… war and military
The Turkish fleet is mainly defeated because… Bad weather sunk their ships
To Iago, the perfect woman would be one who is… Intelligent and beautiful, but does not talk about it
Who does Iago suspect has been intimate with his wife? Othello and Cassio
Cassio loses his job because… He got drunk and had a fight
What opinion on the topic of reputation does Iago express? It is both important and not important, and it can be lost without reason
By the end of Act 2, what does Iago plan to ultimately use to destroy people ? Desdemona’s virtue
Desdemona, in her attempt to help Cassio vows to… Bother Othello day and night to get Cassio’s job back
Iago compares jealousy to… A monster that ridicules the jealous
To instill doubt in Othello’s mind, Iago tells him to… Consider if Desdemona could be attracted to her own kind and if she might be deceptive, and to notice if she speaks up for Cassio
How does Iago come by the handkerchief? Emilia finds it and gives it to him
As Iago works on him, Othello becomes less and less capable of… Being a trusting husband
What important lesson does Iago ironically thank Othello for? Teaching him about friendship and honesty
Iago’s first “proof” of a Cassio/Desdemona affair is… Cassio talking in his sleep
According to Othello, the handkerchief comes from… A sorceress who used sacred work silk to make the handkerchief for his mother
Upon witnessing Othello’s jealous rage, Emilia compared men to… Stomachs

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