Othello Summary

act 1, scene 1 Iago tells Roderigo that he hates Othello because he gave Cassio the lieutenancy he wanted. At Iagos suddgestion, Iago and Roderigo wake up Brabantio to tell him that his daughter Desdemona had eloped with a Othello. This angers Brabantio, who sends and armed band to find Othello
act 1, scene 2 Iago warns Othello that Brabantio is coming for him, but Othello has faith in his love for Desdemona. Cassio come with orders for Othello: he is to meet the Duke and senators of Venice to talk about the Turkish fleet. Brabantio with his armed men then come to seize Othello. Othello persuades Brabantio to come with him to see the Duke, where Othello has been summoned, and where Brabantio can present his case against Othello for the “stealing” of Desdemona
act 1, scene 3 Duke and senators discuss and agree that the Turkish fleet is headed for Cyprus. Othello and Brabantio arrive and the Duke demands evidence that Othello has bewitched Desdemona into loving him, and the send for Desdemona. Othello describes his courtship with Desdemona and when she arrives she says she married him because she loves him. Duke orders Othello to go to Cyprus after he is released, and then grants Desdemona wish to go with him. Iago will accompany Desdemona to Cyprus. THEY LEAVE. Iago and Roderigo ALONE discuss Roderigos love for Desdemona and threatens suicide. Iago talks him out of it by telling him to sell his land to get cash to come with him to Cyprus. HE LEAVES. Iago starts to plot how he will get back at Othello and get the lieutenancy
act 2, scene 1 Turkish fleet is destroyed in a storm. Everyone arrives at Cyprus except Othello. Othello finally arrives and is reunited with Desdemona. Iago convinces Roderigo that Desdemona is in love with Cassio and the only way he can have her love is if he can get Cassio dismissed for his lieutenancy.
act 2, scene 2 Cyprus celebrates the destruction of the Turkish fleet and the arrival of Othello
act 2, scene 3 Iago gets Cassio drunk, making it easier for Roderigo to provoke him into a fight. Montano gets involved and Cassio ends up stabbing Montano. He is wounded. Othello is woken by the noise, and comes down to see what is the problem. Othello strips Cassio of his lieutenancy. Iago tells Xassio that Desdemona is the best person to get to to get reinstated. in a soliloquy, Iago tells how his next step in his plan is to tell Othello that Desdemona supports Cassio because they…. ARE LOVERS! DUN DUN DUUUNNNNNN.
act 3, scene 1 Cassio arrives with musicians o honor Othello. he then goes to talk to Emilia about meeting with Desdemona, even though Emilia tells him she is already trying to get him reinstated
act 3, scene 2 Othello asks Iago to hive the pilot of the ship he came on some papers. Iago agrees
act 3, scene 3 Desdemonas getting with Cassio is cut short when Othello arrives. Cassio l;eave quickly to avoid talking to him. Desdemona pleads on Cassios behalf. when she leaves, Iago tells Othello that Cassio may not be honorable, but in a way that makes Othello think that Iago knows more but won’t tell him. He warns Othello to not be jealous of Desdemona. Desdemona comes back in and Othello complains about a hurting head. Desdemona offers to wrap it in her hankerchif, which she drops by accident. no one noticed she dropped it, so Emilia gave it to Iago, who had been asking for it.Othello comes back jealous of Desdemona, and demonads proof from Iago on why she would be unfaithful. Iago tells Othello how once Cassio talked in his sleep about sleeping with Desdemona and how once Iago saw him wipe his beard with Desdemona handkerchief . Othello vows to kill Desdemona, and Iago says he will kill Cassio. Othello then gives Iago the lieutenancy.
act 3, scene 4 desdemona is still trying to get Cassio reinstated, but she is worried about the loss of her handkerchief. She gets even more worried when Othello asks for it and she cannot give it to him. Othello is sternly disappointed in her. Cassio approaches but she pushes him aside because of Othello’s anger. As Cassio waits, Bianca (Cassios prostitute lover) arrives. Cassio had found Desdemona handkerchief in his room (placed there by Iago) and asks Bianca to copy the sewing work on it
act 4, scene 1 Iago continues to tell othello of Desdemonas sexual activity with Cassio until he passes out. Iago puts Othello where he can see but not hear a conversation between Cassio and Bianca. Iago tells Othello that the conversation is about Cassio and Desdemona. Lodovico arrives to tell Othello that the Duke and senators want him back in Venice, and that Cassio would stay in Cyprus, replacing him. Othello later hits Desdemona in Lodovicos presence and Lodovico is astonished at the change in Othello (he used to be so sweet)
act 4, scene 2 Othello questions Emilia about Desdemona and Cassios relationship, acting as if Emilia is the pimp of a **** house. Othello calls Desdemona a **** to her face and she goes to Iago for comfort. Roderigo complains to Iago that his gifts to Desdemona are not making her love him. Iago tells him that Desdemona will go back home unless Roderigo can delay them. Iago says the best way to do this is to kill Cassio
act 4, scene 3 Othello, who is with Ludovico, orders Desdemona to go to bed (does this quite rudely) and to dismiss Emilia. As Desdemona gets ready for bed, she and Emilia have a conversation about how no woman would ever be unfaithful to her husband, but Emilia thinks that women have the same desires as men, and that some would.
act 5, scene 1 In the dark streets, Roderigo attacks Cassio, but Cassio pulls a fast one and stabs Roderigo. Iago then seeks up from behind and wounds Cassio in the leg. Othello hears Cassios cry and thinks that Iago has killed him. Othello goes to kill Desdemona. Iago then kills Roderigo and leaves. Iago comes back with Lodovico and Gratianoto help tend to the wounded Cassio. While they tend to them, Bianca arrives. Iago calls her a *****, and accuses her of plotting the actions that lead to Cassios injuries
act 5, scene 2 Othello arrives at his bedroom, where Desdemona is sleeping. He kisses her awake, and again accuses her of being unfaithful. Over her protests that she indeed was faithful, he smothers her, killing her. Emilia comes in to tell Othello about the violence in the streets. He tells her that he killed Desdemona because Iago told him that she was unfaithful. Emilias cries for “murder” bring Iago, Montano and Gratiano. Iago admits to accusing her of unfaithfulness. Emilia tells the truth about how she took the handkerchief and gave it to Iago. Othello tries to kill Iago but fails. in turn, Iago kills Emilia. Othello, now aware of his mistake in believing Iago and killing Desdemona stabs himself and he dies next to Desdemona. Iago is taken away to be tortured and killed.

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