Othello – No Fear Shakespeare Act 1

Venice An Italian town along with Pisa and Genoa that controlled the Mediterranean trade after A.D. 1200, bringing silks and spices from Asia to Europe.
noblemen a socially or politically privileged class whose titles are conferred by descent or by royal decree
Florence Italy’s leading cultural center during Renaissance; important for trade and commerce
Cyprus An Island in Asia (currently called the Republic of Cyprus)
Moor A member of a traditionally Muslim people of mixed Berber and Arab ancestry, now living chiefly in northwest Africa.
courtesy politeness
gondolier (n.) a person who rows or poles a long boat
wretch a despicable or contemptible person
roused awakened
bewitched cast a spell on and gain control over (someone) by magic
heathens people lacking religion or culture
Turkish The language or people of Turkey

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