Othello critics quotes

A manifestation of his love for himself F.R LEAVIS
A matter of self-cantered, self-regarding satisfaction. F.R LEAVIS
Desdemona is killed by all those who see her humiliated and beaten in public and fail to intervene R. VANITA
Woman and blacks exist as other A.LOMBA
Fights for here life with every means available to her R. VANITA
The generals black skins proclaims him an outsider in Venice M.Mangam
The old stereotype is always there, lurking M.Mangam
Romantic love is an obsession, you lose your sense of self…distort reality H. FISHER
The two main events of the play are a marriage and a murder M. COX
Desdemona dies claiming black is white M. COX
Wrought a civil war on his heart S.L COLERIDGE
Noble nature was wrought on by an accomplished and artful villian S.L COLERIDGE
Jealousy makes us all a mature novelists P. SEGHAL
Jealousy trains us to look with intensity not accuracy P. SEGHAL
Jealousy is exhausting, it’s a hungry emotion and it must be satisfied P. SEGHAL
Desdemona is the love of a possession. She is a prize, a spoil of war C. PHILLIPS
Feels constantly threatened and profoundly insecure C. PHILLIPS
He was neither right nor reasonable and Desdemona ended up dead F. BILLINGSLEY
Nearly every scene in the play refers to or depends on characters seeing and knowing M. COX
Death was preferred to dishonour M. COX
It is stupidity and nothing worse A.C BRADLEY
She dies in service of the truth M. Simpsom
She falls in love for no better reason than that he has told her a braggart story J. ADAMS
Iago is motivated by strong latent homosexuality S. HYMAN
Motiveless malignancy S.L COLERIDGE
Desire for power and control M. Scott
Evidence for Iago’s hatred for love are everywhere M. Scott

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