Othello Act III

How does Iago manipulate Othello into suspecting Desdemona? Then alone with Othello, Iago starts to press the idea of a relationship between Cassio and Desdemona. After a short while, Iago moves on from the topic, but the damage has already been done. Othello is now very suspicious of his wife, and when she offers him her handkerchief at dinner, he pushes her away. Iago retrieves the lost handkerchief from Emilia and uses it to convince Othello, along with other false stories, that Desdemona is unchaste. Othello vows to attain vengeance against Cassio and Desdemona, and then promotes Iago to the position of lieutenant. Othello yells at Desdemona for not having the handkerchief (which Iago now has), but the unaware Desdemona believes that Othello is just stressing over a political matter. Meanwhile, Cassio is visited by Bianca, a prostitute.
What object becomes central to Iago’s plot to deceive Othello? A handkerchief
What is “the ocular proof”? What is ironic about Othello’s desire to have it? Iago talks about how Cassio has been talking in his sleep and telling stories…saying Cassio has the handkerchief (lie) that Othello gave to Dedemona. Iago is clevar enough to work around showing him actual proof….Othello becomes so worked up and distracted that he forgets that he has yet to see proof.
Who is Bianca? How is she instrumental to the plot? Bianca is the mistress of Cassio, but Shakespeare uses her for the comparison of jealousy. Her jealousy differs greatly from Iago’s….his is murderous and revenge seeking….she is hurt and distraught.

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