Othello Act 4 Study Guide

What is Iago trying to do to Othello at the beginning of Scene 1? He is trying to get him to hide and spy on Cassio.
What happens to Othello when Iago tells him that Cassio has bragged about Desdemona? He pictures Desdemona with Cassio and he has a seizure.
When Cassio arrives, how does Iago explain Othello’s condition? He says he has epilepsy.
What does Iago ask Cassio to do while Othello recovers? To wait outside and they will speak together privately.
Explain Iago’s plan concerning Cassio and Othello. Start with Othello hiding from sight. Cassio and Iago are talking about Bianca and Cassio sleeping together but Othello believe they are talking about Desdemona. Othello is hiding and listening in.
Who is Cassio really talking about with Iago? Bianca.
Who does Othello think Cassio is talking about? Desdemona.
What PHYSICAL piece of evidence is shown in this scene? Handkerchief.
Who brings this evidence into Othello’s sight? Bianca.
When Cassio leaves, Othello comes out of concealment. What question does he ask Iago about Cassio? How do I kill him tonight?
What does Othello plan for Desdemona? To kill her himself.
What method does he plan to use? Poison her.
Iago suggests a different method. What is it? To strangle her in her bed.
Lodovico brings a letter from Venice. What two important pieces of information does the letter contain? Cassio will stay in Cyprus and Othello and Desdemona are going back to Venice.
What does Othello do that shocks Lodovico? He hits Desdemona in front of everybody.
What is Othello questioning Emilia about at the start of the scene? What does she know about Cassio and Desdemona? How much she has seen?
How does Emilia respond? She never seen Desdemona do that. She is not that kind of person.
What is Othello trying to get Desdemona to confess? That she is cheating.
Othello makes some hyperbolic statements about Desdemona/calls her some nasty names. List two examples. He calls her a **** and a *******. He also tells her she will burn in hell and throws money at her.
Othello compares Emilia’s job to guard Desdemona’s bedroom door to the “office opposite to Saint Peter.” (IV, ii, 90) Explain this statement. Emilia was guarding the gates to hell.
Desdemona asks Emilia to put special sheets on her bed. What makes them special? She wants to be wrapped and buried in those sheets if and when she dies.
Emilia has a theory that is very close to the truth about what is happening between Othello and Desdemona. Explain her theory. Someone is manipulating Othello and causing this to happen but she does not know who it is. She does not know it is her husband doing it.
Roderigo appears near the end of this scene. What has he decided to do concerning his affections for Desdemona? Tell her and she will either be with me or not. If not, he will take all his money and jewels back.
What information does Iago give Roderigo concerning Cassio and Othello? Cassio is going to stay in Cyprus and Othello and Desdemona are going to leave.
What does Iago suggest they do to Cassio? Kill him. If they kill him, Desdemona will stay.
What are some examples of foreshadowing in this scene (in regard to Desdemona)? The bedsheets, she sings the song because she senses her own death, and her eyes are itching because she fills like she is going to cry later.
What is Desdemona’s mood in this scene? Accepting.
What is the name of the song Desdemona sings? Willow.
Desdemona and Emilia have a conversation about adultery. What is Emilia’s view on adultery? She thinks it is unavoidable. All men are doing it so why shouldn’t women do it?
What is Desdemona’s view on adultery? How could anyone do that? She does not understand how people could be drawn to such a thing.
Who does Emilia blame for wives committing adultery? The husbands.

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