Othello Act 3 Study Guide

What does Cassio convince Desdemona to do for him? Talk to Othello so he can get his job back.
Why does Cassio leave before Othello arrives? He afraid and embarrassed. Does not want Othello to know all this.
The line “Ha! I like not that.” (III, iii, 35) is very significant. Why? Iago is planting the first seed of doubt in Othello’s mind.
Once Cassio leaves, Desdemona talks to Othello. What is she trying to set up? Dinner. Wants to invite Cassio to dinner.
Iago asks Othello a question about Cassio that starts Othello thinking. What is the question about? Did Cassio know about your secret relationship with Desdemona?
Iago seems reluctant to voice his concerns to Othello. What does this do to Othello? Makes him more curious and agitated.
Complete this line. “O beware, my lord, of jealousy! It is the green-eyed _______ which doth ______ the meat it feeds on.” (III, iii, 163-165) Monster and mocks. It destroys you and feeds on you but it also mocks you.
What specific advice does Iago give Othello concerning Desdemona and Cassio? You should be using the word “look” in your answer. Look to your wife but wear your eyes thusly. Be objective. Let the evidence speak for itself.
Iago mentions further “proof” to Othello about Desdemona’s ability to deceive. What previous event from the play does he use as his “proof”? Brabantio points out that she lied to him for a long time. How do you know she wont lie to you.
Othello seems moved by what Iago has said and some doubts arise. What is the major doubt that Othello has with his relationship with Desdemona? The handkerchief and she spending time and talking about Cassio so much.
When Desdemona arrives to talk to Othello, she finds that he is upset. What does Othello tell her is wrong with him? He has a headache.
What object does Desdemona misplace while she tries to help Othello? The handkerchief.
What happens to this object? Emilia takes it and gives it to Iago.
The lost object is part of Iago’s plan. What does he plan to do with it? Plant it in Cassio’s room.
Othello returns to speak with Iago and he is very upset with what Iago has revealed to him. Why? He saw Cassio wiping his beard with the handkerchief. He is wiping food out of his beard with something that is really important to him.
Othello demands “______ proof” (III, iii, 357) of Desdemona’s betrayal. Ocular
Iago swears an oath to Othello. What is the main idea of this oath? No matter how this ends, I am with you to the end.
Othello asks Iago to perform a vital task concerning Cassio. What is it? Three days to kill Cassio.
What vital task is Othello planning on doing concerning Desdemona? Kill Desdemona.
Desdemona is concerned because she has lost something. What has she lost? Her handkerchief.
Does Desdemona think that Othello is the jealous type? No.
The item Desdemona lost is important to Othello. What story does he tell Desdemona about it? Belonged to his grandmother. Grandmother to mother. On her deathbed, she gave it to Othello and says “I want this to be a present to your wife”. Her dying wish. The only thing he has to connect to his family is that handkerchief.

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