Othello Act 3 Review

Explain the action and purpose with the clowns, musicians, and Cassio at the beginning of the scene. Comedic Relief
Why does Cassio pay money to the clown to find Emilia? He does not want to be seen with her.
How is the concept of honesty contrasted in the conversation between Iago and Cassio? Explain the irony. Cassio is actually honest and Iago is not.
What does Emilia tell Cassio? He will get the job back because he is a good man.
What request does Cassio make of Emilia? He asks her to talk with Desdemona and to persuade her.
At this point, how could Cassio upset Iago’s devious plan? He could have chosen to talk with Othello instead of Desdemona.
Summarize the events in this scene. Othello asks Iago to give letters to captains and it out at Cyprus.
What is significant about the action at the beginning of the scene? What do we learn about the conversation between Desdemona and Cassio? Desdemona is going to help Cassio to get hs position back and the action in the scene shows that they are both friends
Is Emilia part of Iago’s plot, or does she truly believe that Iago is saddened by what happened to Cassio? She is suspicious but is not aware of what Iago’s plan is.
Cassio knows he is going to get his job back, so what worries him now? He is worried about how upset Othello is with Cassio.
For what two reasons does Desdemona agree to plead Cassio’s case? He is a good man and he also set up Othello with Desdemona.
What is Iago referring to when he says, “Ha! I like not that.”? How does Iago take advantage of Cassio’s departure as soon as Othello enters the garden? He points out that Cassio left right after Othello showed up.
What is Iago referring to when he says, “Ha! I like not that.”? How does Iago take advantage of Cassio’s departure as soon as Othello enters the garden? He points out that Cassio left right after Othello showed up.
What information does Desdemona provide the audience concerning Cassio’s role in Othello and Desdemona’s courtship? He is the reason why Othello and Desdemona are together. He helped them out through the dating stage of their relationship.
He is the reason why Othello and Desdemona are together. He helped them out through the dating stage of their relationship. She is very proud and happy when she is describing Cassio. She tries to sound optimistic for Cassio to get his job back.
Desdemona pleads Cassio’s case, and Othello agrees to reinstate him. What happens next? Iago plants the seed that Desdemona is cheating on Othello with Cassio.
After Othello repeatedly urges Iago to tell him what’s on his mind, Iago says, “O, beware, my lord, of jealousy, it is the green-eyed monster, which doth mock the meat it feeds on.” What is Othello’s response? Othello is consumed with jealousy, but Othello does not want to be jealous.
What does Iago say about the women of Venice? Given this statement, what advice does he have for Othello? All women cheat. To watch Desdemona and to not give Cassio his position back right away.
Why might Othello be inclined to believe this, or at least, not dismiss it immediately? He is an outsider.
Who echoes Brabantio’s earlier warning to Othello? Iago
In his duplicitous fashion, what bold statement does Iago make about Desdemona and Othello? Desdemona is cheating on Othello.
Find the lines that show Othello’s view of himself and Iago. These lines will help explain why Iago’s plan is working so well. Lines 272-273 and 288-290. Othello is an outsider and Iago is honest.
Desdemona’s handkerchief becomes an important piece of stage business. Why did Desdemona produce it? What happens to it? What does Emilia plan to do with it? Finally, who gets it, and what is to be done with it? She used it on Othello’s forehead and Emilia gives it to Iago and Iago plants it in Cassio’s room.
Othello returns and is quite upset. What warning does he give Iago? In order for Othello to believe that Desdemona is cheating, then Iago must provide proof.
Why is Othello so willing to believe Iago without confronting his wife? What is Shakespeare saying about the relationships between men and women during this time? Who held the power? He is highlighting that he is an outsider and only trusts Iago and relationships are corrupt and men have the power.
What is the first suggestion of proof of Desdemona’s disloyalty that Iago gives Othello? Cassio’s dream of Desdemona.
What is Othello’s violent reply? He will tear her to pieces
What is Iago’s final proof? Cassio is using the handkerchief.
At this point, what is Othello’s mood? He is upset and compares the violence to the color of his skin.
Othello makes Iago his lieutenant. What task is Iago to perform? To kill Cassio
What is Othello’s plan for Desdemona? He is going to kill Desdemona and also ask her about the cheating.
What message does Desdemona have for Cassio? She tried to convince Othello.
What is Desdemona’s mood at the beginning of scene 4? She is confused because Othello is acting strange and out of the ordinary.
Describe the irony in these lines: “[B]ut my noble Moor/ Is true of mind and made of no such baseness / As jealous creatures are, it were enough / To put him to ill thinking.” He is actually jealous of the “cheating / affair”
Othello and Desdemona see each other for the first time since Iago has poisoned Othello’s mind. How does Othello seem to be treating Desdemona? What language gives away the complexity behind Othello’s emotions? He is very harsh and rude to Desdemona because he wishes her to find the handkerchief once she said she lost it.
Why does Desdemona not wish to admit to Othello that she lost the handkerchief he had given her? The handkerchief is very special in their relationship because it was the first gift that Othello gave to Desdemona.
What does the handkerchief symbolize? Why is it so important to Othello? It represents the love Othello has for Desdemona. The handkerchief came from Othello’s mother.
Why does he demand to see the handkerchief when he already knows that Desdemona doesn’t have it? Because he wants proof that Desdemona is cheating on him.
When Cassio asks Desdemona about his suit, what does she tell him? She says to be patient because Othello is very upset.
What does Desdemona think is the cause of Othello’s anger (Two reasons)? Because of her innocence and she misreads the situation with Othello. Work and being a general (first command).
What point (foreshadowing) does Emilia raise? All men show their true colors.
What metaphor does Shakespeare utilize (again) with jealousy? What does Shakespeare write about jealousy? Green-eyed Monster
State the two reasons Bianca is upset with Cassio. 1. She has not seen him in a long time2. He has another woman’s handkerchief
How does Cassio explain his having the handkerchief? He says that he just found the handkerchief in his cabin.
What does he want Bianca to do with the handkerchief? To make a copy of the handkerchief.
Why does Cassio not want Bianca around? (Hint: It has something to do with Othello.) He does not want Othello to think that Bianca is getting in the way with Cassio and his job.

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