Othello Act 3

Why does Cassio pay money to the clown to find Emilia? He plays the clown to get Emilia to meet him so he can see if she has any news about Othello’s feelings towards rehiring him.
What does Emilia tell Cassio? She tells him that Othello is hurt because he really trusted Cassio. Othello says that he would take Cassio back except it would hurt Othello’s reputation.
If Cassio gets his job back, how will it affect Iago’s devious plan? If Cassio gets his job back Iago then has no chance of becoming lieutenant.
For what two reasons does Desdemona plead for Cassio to get his job back to Othello? 1. She’s a good person.2. She keeps her promises.
What is Iago referring to when he says, “Ha! I like not that”? Cassio and Desdemona were taking and once Othello comes Cassio suspiciously leaves. Iago makes it seem as if they are hiding something.
Desdemona continues to plead for Cassio to Othello. Othello becomes annoyed. Why is this perfect for Iago? Othello and Desdemona are already growing apart because Othello now wants space from her.
What does Iago say of women in Venice? Why might Othello not dismiss this comment right away? Iago says they are users and have loose morals. Othello doesn’t dismiss this comment right away because he is starting to buy into Iago’s words.
What echoes Brabantio’s earlier warning about Desdemona? Desdemona can deceive Othello just like she betrayed her father.
Why did Desdemona have the handkerchief and what happened to it? What does Emilia plan to do with it? Finally who ends up and what will be done with it. Desdemona has it to help othello’s headache but he swats it away and it falls onto the floor. Emilia finds it and plans to duplicate it because Iago has wanted it so bad. Iago now has it and is up to no good.
What proof of Desdemona’s disloyalty does Iago provide regarding sharing a bed with Cassio? Iago woke up with a toothache and heard Cassio talking about Desdemona in his sleep.
What is Iago’s proof holding the handkerchief? He saw Cassio wiping his beard with the handkerchief.
When Othello makes Iago lieutenant, what task does he give him? He has to kill Cassio within 3 days.
Why is Desdemona hiding the fact that she lost the handkerchief if she is not guilty of cheating? Because Desdemona knows how much that it means to Othello and that it was passed through his family.
Why does Othello think that Desdemona is dodging his questions about the handkerchief? Othello thinks that she is dodging the questions because she gave the handkerchief to Cassio.
When Cassio asks Desdemona about his situation, what does she inform him? She informs him that it will take some time to convince Othello and that Cassio has to be patient if he wants his job back.
What does Desdemona think the cause is of Othello’s anger? She thinks that he is stressed about business related issues.
What comments does Emilia make about men? What might be her reasoning for this sass? Emilia says men only use women and then they get rid of them. She may be sour because of the way her husband treats her.
What are two reasons that Bianca is upset with Cassio? 1. Cassio hasn’t paid any attention to her.2. Cassio has another women’s handkerchief.

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