Othello Act 2 Quotes

2:1Various charactersSemantic field of winds and stormy weather that will drive all the characters physically apart and predict that a storm is coming – symbolism. “monstrous mane” “wind” “blast” “chidden billow”
2:1OthelloShakespeare strategically ends the physical conflict immediately to make way for an emotional war that is about to happen “Our wars are done”
2:1CassioIn some way leads to his own downfall under Iago as he points out their difference in class – arrogance and pride? “‘Tis my breeding”
2:1IagoShows his misogyny and lack of care for women which reflects in how he treats his wife – killing her for going against him – and how he uses Desdemona as a tool for his destructive plans against Othello. Very vulgar descriptions of women “never proud” “never loud” “ne’er disclose her mind”
2:1OthelloThe extent of their love as Othello immediately goes to his wife. Sees her as his soul, foreshadowing how he will eventually destroy his own soul and therefore have nothing left to live for. “O my fair warrior””O my soul’s joy”
2:1Iago “I’ll set down the pegs that make this music”
2:3IagoMore misogyny “She is sport for jove””Full of game”
2:3IagoHe plans to make Cassio his “pet” which is ironic as Iago will eventually be the one described as a dog in his true nature. “my young mistress’ dog”
2:3OthelloCompares the “barbarous brawl” that has endured as the soldiers acting like Turks, foreign enemies of the state. Foreshadows how in the final scene Othello will refer to himself as a Turk before killing himself. It is inevitable that he will act this way as it is a soldiers nature that they will all resort to violence “Are we turned Turks?”
2:3OthelloDramatic irony that Othello trusts Iago when he is the one that has caused the situation “Honest Iago”
2:3OthelloContrasts with how his poor judgement will eventually lead to his downfall “And passion, having my best judgement coiled”
2:3OthelloShows that Othello is a changed man already in Cyprus – he is becoming less calm and poetic and Iago is able to manipulate situations that will turn him into a man like him. The beginning of his downfall. “Zounds”
2:3CassioShows the importance of the theme of reputation, it is all the characters care about. Identity is the most important thing to them. Reputation will live on, just like a soul. Cassio believes now it is gone all that remains has been dehumanised and he may as well be an animal. “Reputation, reputation, reputation! O, I have lost my reputation! I have lost the immortal part of myself, and what remains is bestial”
2:3IagoIronic as the entire war Iago is creating against Cassio is over difference in status, and Iago clearly cares deeply about it “Reputation is an idle and most false imposition”
2:3IagoHas no guilt or remorse in using Desdemona (and other women) as tools or puppets in his plan. “turn her virtue into pitch”
2:1IagoPlanning to trap Cassio like a predator “ensnare as great a fly as Cassio”
2:3Iago “make the net that shall enmesh them all”

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