Othello Act 2 Notes

Act 2 Scene 1 *The setting is in Cyprus. A bad storm occured and Montano and Gentlemen are hoping that that Turks drowned.*Othello and Cassio’s ships get seperated by the storm.*1st ship: Cassio arrives first. He’s worried for Othello. He really cares about Othello.*2nd ship arrives: Iago, Roderigo, Desdemona, and Emila arrive in Cyprus.
Act 2 Scene 1 *Cassio kisses the women when they arrive because he’s so excited they are safe, and that is what his culture does.Iago gets upset that Cassio kisses his wife Emilia and then calls Emelia a ****.*Iago talks badly about his wife and all women, basically say they are only good in bed.*Iago believes women can’t be both smart and beautiful. Says no such thing as an intelligent blackwoman. Shows racism Lines 135-144
Act 2 Scene 1 (Iago’s perfect woman) 1. not proud (humble)2. soft spoken, not loud3.doesn’t speak what’s on her mind4. speaks only when spoken to5. doesn’t spend a lot of money6. knows she is pretty but is humble about it7. submissive and asks permission8. does not seak revenge**These are basically describing Desdemona
Act 2 Scene 1 *Cassio takes Desdemona’s hand*Iago will use this for his plan to seek revenge on Othello
Act 2 Scene 1 *Othello finally arrives; Desdemona and he kiss.*Othello is happy that the Turkish fleet drowned.
Act 2 Scene 1(Iago’s lie and evil plan) *Iago tells Roderigo that Desdemona is in love with Cassio because he’s good looking and only married Othello for his power.*Roderigo is very angry about this. Iago is just setting up Roderigo to make him more angry towards Cassio*Iago wants Roderigo to start a fight at the party by getting Cassio drunk*Iago’s plan is for Othello to get angry at Casio for fighting and then Othello will fire him.*Iago tells Roderigo that this will help Roderigo win over Desdemona because Cassio will be let go.
Act 2 Scene 2 Herald announces that Othello is having a party because the Turkish fleet has drowned.
Act 2 Scene 3 (Iago gets Cassio drunk) *Cassio is on guard to look for Turkish Ships*Party has started.*Iago gets Cassio drunk*Iago tells the men Cassio’s vice is drinking (it’s his bad habit) This is a lie-he doesn’t drink*Iago tells Montano Cassio drinks all the time; Montano wants to tell Othello*Iago does this in hopes that Othello will fire Cassio
Act 2 Scene 3 (the fight) *Roderigo starts the fight with the drunk Cassio*Cassio begins chasing Roderigo*Montano gets in between the fight and gets wounded*Iago tells Roderigo to leave and to tell Othello*Othello asks what happened and Iago lies” i don’t know” Othello gets angry because no one is telling the truth.
Act 2 Scene 3 (after the fight) *Othello fires Cassio (rash decision, he never even thought about it, this shows Othello acts on his emotions)*Iago happy that Cassio is fired, but Iago didn’t get placed 2nd in Command*Cassio is MOST upset about his reputation. Iago acts like he cares and tells Cassio to let things settle and he will end up getting job back.
Iago’s Plan *tells Cassio to get Desdemona to ask Othello for his job back*Cassio goes to Desdemona to aske her to speak to Othello on his behalf.*This is manipulation because it will look as if Cassio and Desdemona do love one another*Iago proclaims he’s not a villan because all he does is give advice; it’s not his fault people take his advice and does what he says.*Before Cassio talks to Des, Iago will be planting hints to Othello that his wife is sleeping with Cassio*Iago uses his wife Emelioa to push Desdemona to get Cassio’s job back
Roderigo *Roderigo wants to go home now because he’s broke and thinks he will never get Desdemona*Iago will get him to stay to continue to do his dirty work

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