othello act 1 scene 1 & 2

othello ethnically muslim, religiously christian general that is hired to protect the venetian trade ships against the ottoman empire on the mediterranean sea. othello is the protagonist and hero of the play
roderigo a man who is in love with desdemona, very young, rich, and foolish
iago 3rd in command to othello, hates othello because he chose michael cassio to be his lieutenant
desdemona secret wife of othello and daughter of the venetian senator brabantio
michael cassio othello’s lieutenant, iago hates him
brabantio venetian senator and father of desdemona
duke of venice the official authority of venice
emilia iago’s wife and desdemona’s attendant
setting of act 1 scene 1 a street in venice
what was iago’s complaint in scene 1 othello chose michael cassio over him to be his lieutenant
what was brabantio and why did iago and roderigo awaken him in the middle of the night brabantio is the father of desdemona and venetian senator
why did iago leave roderigo at brabantios house iago left roderigo to go meet with othello
what was brabantio’s reaction to othellos marriage to desdemona brabantio is enraged and believes that othello must have used magical potions to make her desdemona fall in love with him
how does the play start media res in an argument between roderigo and iago
why are roderigo and iago in an arugement roderigo has been paying iago to get to marry desdemona but has seen no progress and just found out that desdemona secretly married othello and roderigo thinks that iago is playing him
how does iago play othello pretends to serve him but is actually disloyal to him
what do roderigo and iago decide to do after talking ruin some of othellos happiness by telling desdemona’s family about her marriage to othello

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