Of Mice and Men- chapters 1&2

Identify and give a physical description of Lennie and George. George helps Lennie out. Lennie is the ID. George is the EGO. George protects Lennie. He keeps him in check. Lennie crushes stuff and is not supposed to talk much. He is big. Which is ironic because his last name is Smalls. George is short.
What is George’s first complaint to Lennie? He needs to slow down when he is drinking that water.
What trouble did George and Lennie have in Weed? Lennie grabbed on to the girls red dress. When she screamed he didn’t let go. George had to pull him off. They run out of Weed before they could be caught.
What is in Lennie’s pocket? Why does he have it? A mouse is in Lennie’s pocket. Lennie has the mouse for comfort.-although, he crushes nearly everything that is put in his hands (he crushes a DEAD mouse)
George bursts into a long speech about what he could do if he were alone. What could he do? live easy. get a job and work without trouble. Get whatever he wants. Stay in a cat house all night. Eat wherever he wants. He could drink.
Lennie offers to go away and live in a cave. What is George’s response? Yeah. How’d you eat? You ain’t got sense enough to find something to eat.
Why are George and Lennie different than the other “guys like us that work on ranches”? Guys who work on farms are lonely and have no families. George and Lennie have each other at least. Also, they have a plan for the future. They aren’t using their money just in the moment.
What are George and Lennie going to do someday? Get a little house, with a couple of acres, with cows and pigs and have rabbits.
What two things does George want Lennie to remember? -not to say anything when he is asked-and remember the place they were at in the brush, just follow the river
Why does George want to camp overnight instead of going another quarter of a mile to the ranch?
Chapter 2 Chapter 2
What does George answer when the boss asks him what he is trying to put over? -“Oh! I ain’t saying he’s bright. He ain’t…” But he’s a good worker -the boss thinks Lennie is being used, and not getting his money but George gets it all-George then tells the boss they are cousin’s and that he [Lennie] was kicked in the head by a horse when he was little
Identify and describe Curley. Curley is the bosses son. He wears his hand in a glove for his wife. Curley ease drops. He likes to be in charge. He thinks he is better than everyone and makes sure everyone knows. He is a smaller boy, but wins all his fights because he is the bosses son.
The swamper said “Seems like Curley ain’t givin’ nobody a chance”. Explain. He is a smaller boy, but wins all his fights because he is the bosses son. And if someone bigger than him picks on him back it’s “not a fair fight”. Even though it was never a fair fight.
What advice does George give Lennie after Curley and the swamper leave? Don’t fight him but if he fights you let him have it. (He has the back of plan of having Lennie run to the brush.)
Identify Slim and Carlson. Slim- the prince of the farm (great worker), Super EGO, drowned the puppies Carlson- a little lower than Slim, a big man
What does Slim have that Lennie wants? pups (puppies) -Shepherds to be exact

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