Of Mice and Men Chapter 2 Study Guide

Who was the first character George and Lennie meet when they reach the ranch? Candy
A “swamper” is an idiom for A janitor
This character’s status at he ranch is limited in what two ways? He is old and missing a hand
According to Candy, why is the Boss angry at George and Lennie? They were late
We learn George’s and Lennie’s surnames. What is each name? George Milton and Lennie Small
What is the irony and paradox of Lennie’s surname? The irony is Lennie is a big man and his last name is small. The paradox is Lennie has a small understanding of the world
What direct literary allusion is established by George’s surname? George’s last name is Milton and there is a poet names John Milton who wrote a poem called “Paradise Lost”
Why does the Boss become suspicious of George? What does he think George is doing? George is doing all the talking. The Boss thinks George is taking Lennie’s money
What reason does George give for taking care of Lennie? Because Lennie is his cousin and George told Lennie’s mom that he would take care of Lennie. Lennie also got kicked in the head by a horse when he was younger
What theme is supported by the description of Candy’s dog? Ageism
Who is Curley? What is his attitude toward George and Lennie? In particular, how does he react towards Lennie? Curley is the boss’s son. His attitude towards George and Lennie is very hostile. He takes a boxer stance because Lennie is so much bigger than him and he is intimidated
What does Candy mean when he describes Curley as “handy”? Curley is a good fighter/ boxer
What does the swamper tell George about Curley’s left hand? What is the connotation of this comment? Curley has his left hand in a glove with vaseline. There are two connotations; the sexual and the other is so Curley can beat his wife
Describe Curley’s wife She is dressed in provocative clothes and her make-up. She is a slut and flirty
What is Lennie’s reaction to her? He thinks she is pretty
Why did she come into the bunkhouse? To come and look for Curley
Describe Slim. What is his job on the ranch? What are some of his character traits? Steinbeck describes Slim in a positive way. Slim is the most respected man on the ranch because he is great at everything he does. Slim is a jerkline skinner
What did Slim do to four of his dog’s new pups? Why? He drowns the pups. He does that because the mom won’t be able to feed that many pups
Who is Carlson? What is his attitude towards Candy’s old dog? What does he suggest? Carlson is another ranch head. His attitude towards the dog is that he thinks the dog is useless. He suggests to shoot the dog because he doesn’t understand the relationship between Candy and the dog
What does Slim have that Lennie wants? He has a puppy.
Allegorically speaking, what does the bunkhouse symbolize? It symbolizes society and/or the world on a small scale (microcosm)

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