Odyssey Webquest

who was homer? a greek poet who was born in the 8th century bc.
where did homer live? on the coast of asia minor
why does homeric literature still survive today? because it inspires imagination
what does epic mean? heroic deeds and events significant to a culture or nation
what does epic hero mean? a brave and noble character in an epic poem, admired for great achievements
what is a epithet? a descriptive phrase accompanying in a place of a name
where does the word theater come from? “seeing place” rooted in greece
what did theaters look like at the time? open-air into hillsides that seatsd thousands of people
which god’s festival was the cause for developing dramatic performances? pionyos
what three seas surround greece? mediterranea sea, lonisn sea, and aegean sea
what is troy? the legendary city that was the center of the trojan war in homer’s iliad
what is ithaca? where odysseus, the hero of homer’s odyssey, resignsd as king
where does the word athletics come from? “athloi” meaning labors and implying struggle rooted in greece
what athletic events were included in ancient pentathlons footraces, jumping, javelin throwing, wrestling, and diskos throwing
what was the crowning prize for a winning athlete? a wreath of olivie branches
how old were soldiers trained in athens? 18-20
how old were soldiers trained in sparta? 7
what are four cities in michigan whose names have greek roots? ithaco, michigan, corinth, michigan, athens, michigan, and troy michigan

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