Odyssey quotes book 5

“O father of Zeus and gods in bliss forever, let no man holding scepter as a king think to be mild, or kind…”book 5 pg. 81 Athena talking to Zeus about Odysseus and how he is on an island with no crew or ship to save him
“Hermes, you have much practice on our missions, go make it known to the softly-braided nymph…”book 5 pg. 82 Zeus telling Hermes (his son) to bring Odysseus back home
“no higher above the whitecaps Hermes flew until the distant island lay ahead…”book 5 pg. 83 Homer telling us about how Hermes is flying to Kalypso’s island to try and bring Odysseus back home
“Now face to face the magical Calypso recognized him, as all immortal gods know one another on sight…”book 5 pg. 83 Homer telling us that Hermes and Calypso have met and he needs to come home. Kalypso doesn’t want him to leave
“My counsel he shall have, and nothing hidden, to help him homeward without harm.” Athena agrees to send Odysseus home, without any harm
“Thus you shall send him, then. And show more grace in your obedience or be chastised by Zeus.”book 5 pg. 85 Hermes replies to Athena that she has to send him back or he will reprimanded severely.
“Son of Laertes, versatile Odysseus, after these years with me, you still desire your old home?…” book 5 pg. 87 Athena is talking to Odysseus about how she feels about him leaving
“My lady goddess, here is no cause for anger. My quiet Penelope, would seem a shade before your majesty…”book 5 pg. 87 Odysseus answers smartly and says that she’s wonderful, but he needs to see his wife
“But now the god of earthquake, storming home over the mountains of Asia from the Sunburned land…”book 5 pg. 89 Homer telling us that Poseidon has spotted Odysseus coming home
“Here is a pretty cruise! While i was gone the gods have changed their minds about Odysseus…” book 5 pg. 89 Poseidon is getting ready to cause a storm in Odysseus’ path
“Brewing high thunderheads, he churned the deep with both hands on his trident, called up wind from every quarter…”book 5 pg. 89 Homer telling us that Poseidon blew wind from every direction at Odysseus and poured rain down
“During this meditation a heavy surge was taking him, in fact, straight on the rocks…”book 5 pg. 93 Homer telling us that he was flung against the rocks, with broken bones, but if not for Athena, then he wouldnt have been saved
“Grown from the same spot, a thicket proof against the stinging wind or Sun’s blaze, fine soever the needling sunlight…”book 5 pg. 95 Homer telling us that now Odysseus has made a bed of leaves and Athena showered sleep over him and his distress should end

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