When was the Trojan War? 1200 BCE
What caused the Trojan war? Helen fled to Troy with Paris. Some say she was kidnapped.
What kind of poem is the Odyssey? Epic poem
Who wrote the Odyssey? Homer
Odysseus was the king of where? Ithaca
How long was Odysseus gone? 20 years
Who is Penelope? Odysseus wife
What does Penelope do to trick the suitors? She says she will marry when she is done weaving a shroud. During the day she weave it, but at night she would undo it.
What does Odysseus do to show that he is loyal to his friend Elpenor? He gives him a proper burial.
What happened to Odysseus mother? She dies of a broken heart while he was gone.
How dose the old nurse realize that Odysseus is the homeless man? While she is washing his feet she notices a scar on his leg,
When Odysseus returns home, does his wife recognize him? No. He was dressed as a homeless man.
Who is Telemachus? Odysseus son
How does Penelope find out that the homeless man is her husband? She says she has to move the bed. Odysseus knows that you can’t move the bed due to the way the palace was built.
What must Odysseus do to make amends with Poseidon? Put an oar in the ground.
Who is Eurycleia? The old and trusted nurse and companion Telemachos and Penelopeia.
Who are the sirens? Beautiful women who use irresistible song to lure sailors.
Who is Athena? Goddess of war and wisdom
Who is Hermes? The messenger of the gods. Is sent by Zeus to order Calypso to release Odysseus.
Who is calypso? The beautiful goddess who fell passionately in love with Odysseus.
Who is Aeolus? Keeper of the winds
Who is Polythemus? Poseidon son
Who is Circe? A beautiful witch-goddess who transforms Odysseus’s men into pigs/ swine when they land on her island. With Hermes’ help, he resists her power and becomes her lover. He stays there for a year.
Who is Laertes? Odysseus’ dad
Who is Charydbis? Violent whirlpool
Who is Ismarus? Odysseus mother
Who is Antinous? lead suitor. Rude, mean, and obnoxious. Rebukes Telemachos and initiates plans to kill him.
Who is Argos? Odysseus old dog
Who is Scylla? a six- headed sea monster that eats sailors
Who is Tiresias? The blind seer at the Underworld. He tells Odysseus his future.
What pieces of Greek mythology did Homer write? Iliad, Odyssey, and Theogony.
Who is Orestes? The son of Agamemnon who avenged the death of his father by killing his mother and her lover. Could be considered an example to Telemachus.
Who is Mentes? Athena’s disguise
Who is Aigisthos? Seducer of Clytaimnestra; killed Agamemnon; ruled Mycene for seven years.
Who is Eurymachos? Suitor; mocks Halitherses for his prophesy that Odysseus is alive.
Who is Peisistratos? Nestor’s son who accompanies Telemachos on his journey to Lacedaimon.
Who is Leucothea? Pities Odysseus; provides a veil of protection from harm and drowning.

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