NRCA Macbeth test pre-act notes

Act I~~The action deals with… witchcraft and murder
Act I~~Key events occur… at night, often in dark and gloomy places (ex, dessert)
Act I~~What two thanes support King Duncan, and are also generals in Duncan’s army? Macbeth and Banquo
Act I~~Macbeth (book title, not guy) is set in… medieval Scotland
Act I~~Macbeth’s personality has a downside- his… ambition
Act I~~Who is Macbeth’s co-commander? Banquo
Act I~~The Witches are not to be taken lightly; they have the gift of ________. When they tell Macbeth that he will be king, Macbeth must take them seriously. prophecy
Act I~~crazy old ladies but the power of suggestion made Macbeth choose freely but poorly modern Witches
Act I~~Things are not what they appear to be. A THEME AND A PARADOX. Things that are good will be bad, through an evil splitting-hairs type of twist. “Fair is foul, and foul is fair” (I.i, 12)
Act I~~”weird” and Old English word meaning “fate”
Act I~~The Witches’ name connects them with… the idea of destiny
Act I~~Paradoxes statements that seem contradictory but that contain a truth.
Act I~~(I.vii.??) cat adage the cat didn’t want to do the dirty work of catching her meal
Act II~~Macbeth is Duncan’s _______ and _______ kinsman and subject
Act II~~Killing the king will make Macbeth… a traitor
Act II~~A host was responsible for… the safety of someone under his roof.
Act II~~Evil deeds are planned… inside Macbeth’s castle walls
Act II~~As the power struggles get worse inside, … bizarre events also occur outdoors. Act II contains reports of some very strange going-ons in the natural world.
Act II~~One color stands out in Macbeth the play: red
Act II~~ the Macbeths try to paint… their own picture of innocence of guilt. How well do they fool their guests?
Act II~~when Shakespeare wrote Macbeth around 1606, England was reeling with news of a plot to… kill its king, James I.
Act II~~The plot to kill KJI stemmed from… religious conflict
Act II~~The plot- one person tried for treason used the defense called “equivocation.” That means… A lie was not a lie if the speaker had in mind a different meaning that made the statement true. It was a way to mislead your questioners while keeping a clear conscience.
Act II involves lots of movement. Scenes 2 and 3, which has movement from one area of the castle to another, may have been played… on the Platform and in this curtained alcove or “room.”
Act II~~Hecate…. a Greek mythological goddess of the dead and a friend to witches.
Act II~~Hecate is called “pale Hecate” because… she linked with the moon. Dogs, honey, and black lambs were sacrificed to her at crossroads.
Act II~~Beelzebub later become known as… a ruler of demons. When the only comical relief guy, the drunk Porter, imagines he’s letting Beelzebub in at Macbeth’s door, he’s opening the door to some very bad company!
Act III~~Macbeth has shown… sympathetic qualities
Act III~~Macbeth has… committed a murder, been brave in battle, affectionate with his wife, and seemed to hesitate and feel regret about his acts.
Act III~~Macbeth has seemed to have remorse, but… the Witches have tempted his terrible weakness– his ambition
Act III~~Macbeth and Banquo both got prophecies. If Macbeth’s prophecy was true, then for Banquo, it must be true; what two people are Macbeth starting to get worried about? Banquo and his son, Fleance
Act III~~who fled to where? Malcolm to England and Donalbain to Ireland
Act III~~Banquo seemed _______ from the murder. nervous
Act III~~Macduff was __________ and _______. mistrustful and gloomy
Act III~~this is the act that Macbeth is visited by… a ghost (Banquo’s ghost)
Act III~~The ghost is an example of… appearance vs. reality
Act III~~Either the ghost is real or it might be the product of a …. wrongdoer’s guilty conscience
Act III~~Macbeth’s “unnatural” crimes are mirrored by … images of fierce disorder in the natural world.
Sometimes nature seems to be… the source of evil
a musical piece played by trumpets or cornets to signal a formal procession a sennet
In the beginning of act 3, Macbeth compares what to what? types of men to types of dogs
In act 3, Macbeth comparing men to dogs, dog breeds shows how to…. rank and classify nature
act 3, Macbeth comparing men to dogs,man meant “____ _____” but could also mean ____ _______. “male adult”; male servant
act 3, calling someone a man could refer to his ___________ ________ or signal that he held a ____ ______ ______. masculine virtues; low social status
act IV~~ scale of downfall qualities for Macbeth CAFGSS!courage–>ambition–>fear and guilt–>search for security (in the witches, which leads to his ultimate downfall.)
Act IV~~King Edward is a king of ______. Macbeth is a king of what? healing; destruction, tyranny, evil, etc
Malcolm is the what of Macbeth’s kingdom? the legal ruler
why does Malcolm flee to England? In fear that he will be the next murder victim
what is scrofula? a disease aka “the king’s evil”, a condition characterized by swollen glands in the neck
what act do the apparitions show up? act 4
Act IV~~there’s repetition of what words? Why? fear, it fits the play’s mood; tyrant, it shows that Macbeth’s act of murder did not make him into a true king.
contrast King Edward and King Macbeth King Edward is a true king and the virtues of a king. He also has a healing touch. King Macbeth is not a true king and is full of evil. He has a murderous touch.
Act V- there’s a breach of fellowing with ____ and _______ man and heaven
God has ultimate authority, so if you go against authority, you go against…. heaven
Act V-at first Macbeth killed _________, but it has gotten _______ and _______. reluctantly; easier and easier
Act V- killing Banquo=… justification and underlying guilt (<proof: he saw ghosts)
Act V- after Macbeth kills Duncan, he _______ feels…. instantly feels remorse and regret
order must be _______, and the time has come for _________. restored; rebellion
Act V- the fact that ____ ______ has the unemotional drive needed to kill ____ _______ reflects the _______ ___ ______ that has characterized the play from the beginning. Lady Macbeth; King Duncan; disorder in nature
what is the climax of the play? the choice that Macbeth makes
why is Lady Macbeth all weird and stuff and mentally crazy/insane? she’s living out the consequences of a guilty conscience. She is diseased. She is going on and on of the things/crimes they did
Act V- sickness is… death of Scotland
Act V- who learns of the death of his wife/kids and his tears are challenged by who? Macduff; Malcolm
Act V- Macduff replies to his tears challenged- he must also feel… his grief like a man, implying that men are entitled to cry at such a time.
what is Macbeth’s reaction to his wife’s death? she should have died here after. I can’t think of this with war at hand.
Life is like a … play
Act V-Macbeth makes an allusion to… Julius Caesar

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