Notes on Macbeth and Shakespeare’s Theater

What happened if you say Macbeth backstage when actors are taking part in a production of that play? Why? You will be told to leave the theater, spin around three times, spit on the ground, and then ask for permission to return. Superstition holds that the play is cursed because the first time the play was supposed to be performed, the woman playing Macbeth died backstage.
For that reason, cast and crew often refer to it as what? the scottish play or that play
the first production of Macbeth was held before _______ ___________ King James
the best known of the theaters in London was the _________ Globe
It was a __________ – story wooden structure that could hold as many as _______ people. three; 3,000
The poorer patrons were called “__________” “groundlings”
Why did the performers have to depend on natural lighting for illumination? The Globe was an open air theater
How would the audience let the actors know they dissaproved of a performance? jeering or throwing food
What happened to the theater in 1613? The roof caught on fire during a performance of Henry VIII and the theater was distroyed
What happened thirty years later? Oliver Cromwell and the Puritans shut down the theater suppressing what they considered a frivolous form of entertainment
What happened in the 1990’s? the theater was rebuilt to the same size and design of the old Globe
From where would ghosts and witches emerge? a trapdoor in the stage led to a space below from which ghosts or the witches in Macbeth could emerge
what did the enclosed tower behind the stage offer? to create sound effects
What was above the back of the stage and the small balcony and what did it contain? it contained trapdoors for the appearance of angels and spirits from the enclosed tower
on what did Shakespeare base his works? he based his works on Greek and Roman tradition of drama.
how was comedy defined? a dramatic work with a happy ending.
how was tragedy defined? was a work in which a main character, or the tragic hero, come to an unhappy end
what do Shakespeare’s histories present? present stories about England’s earlier monarchs
of all his plays, which kind is cited as his greatest? tragedies
according to _______, tragedy arouses ________ and _______ in the audience. Aristotle; pity; fear
Seeing a tragedy unfold produces a _________, or cleansing, of these emotions. catharsis
what is hubris? excessive pride
in shakespeare’s day, the _______ consisted of only one person, a kind of narrator. chorus
the intention of tragedy is to exemplify

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