My Nigglet Macbeth

All these jawns finna be true or false you already knoowwwww:At the end of the play, malcolm becomes king? Trizzue
Lady macbeth takes part in banquos murder Negative
Even though she is warned of treachery, lady macbeth is killed You know it
The thanes are loyal to macbeth til the end Falso
Macbeths chief fear is punishment after death LMFAO where? ???? this dude dont care soooooo false
The witches predict that banquos heirs will be kings Yup them grimey asssss witches
Banquo faints after the killing of duncan Naaaaa lady macbeth does cause she mad extra
Lady macbeth does not see banquos ghost Facts only regular macbeth cause he type loco
Malcolm does macbeth better than duncan does Yeah duncan old asf and dont know nada
The witches have human form Truueee but they dumb ugly and look more like animals
The doctor says lady macbeth suffers from a fatal illness Uh no shes just a psycho with a guilty conscience
Macbeth and his wife love each other deeply (in the beginning ) Yup, as it should be ☺️
Macbeth explanation of Duncan’s death satisfies the kings sons Nah bih they skadaddle ???????????? they know he fake
Duncan is sus of Macbeth False like I said Duncan blind
Remorse ruins lady Macbeths enjoyment of success Truuueeee (I mean yeah it should when you’re a psycho killer, took her long enough)
Okay guys it’s multiple choice now ????????????????????The porter scene is the plays …A. Beginning B. Comic relief C. Climax honestly if you got this wrong quit now … ISSA COMIC RELIEF ????????????????
As king, Macbeth is A. BrutalB. Wise C. Gentle Brutalllllllllll he be killing like he god or sumn
The former thane of Cawdor had been A. A traitor B. Duncan’s sonC. Brother to Macbeth I think it’s a traitor, check me on that tho
Macbeth meets death A. As a physical cowardB. As a RepentantC. With desperate courage C is the correct answer, with desperate courage
Banquos son is A. Fleance B. Sinal C. Macdonwald Fleance biiihhhhhhh
Malcolm’s invasion is launched from A. FranceB. NorwayC. England Englannddddd you already with the British accents
At his wife’s death, Macbeth A. Swears revenge B. Accepts fate C. Vows to change Accepts fate cause what else ya gon do
Macbeth is killed by A. MalcolmB. Macduff C. Fleance My boy macduff
Duncan’s murderer is A. Lady Macbeth B. MacbethC. Banquo ???? Macbeth duuhhh
Lady Macbeth receives a diamond fromA. Macbeth B. Malcolm C. Duncan It’s Duncan, I didn’t really read this book so idk why. Ann Charles just said that was the answer
Duncan’s death is blamed on A. The grooms B. NorwegiansC. The doctors The grooms aka the guards
Malcolm tests the loyalty of A. MacduffB. BanquoC. sinal Macduff just to make sure he ain’t no fraud
Duncan’s sons are A. Ross and Malcolm B. Malcolm and donalbainC. Macduff and siward Malcolm and donalbain the ones who had to blast ????????????
Lady Macbeth becomes A. A sleep walker B. A mute C an insomniac A sleep walker cause this play boring af
Macbeths evil side is associated withA. Royalty B. The color blueC. Night and darkness Night and darkness cmon now it only makes sense
Hecate is linked to A. The witchesB. The English nobility C. The Scottish nobility It’s the witches bro
The wife of the thane of fife isA. Lady Macbeth B. HecateC. Lady macduff It’s lady macduff cause wife and fife and duff got mad f’s in em
After Duncan’s death, Macbeth finds killing A. Impossible B. Not worth itC. Often necessary Often necessary cause he a whole weirdo
For his bravery and loyalty Macbeth becomes A. King of ScotlandB. Thane of Fife C. Thane of Cawdor Thane of Cawdor (whatever that means )

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