MUCH ADO Claudio quotes

Thou wilt be a lover presently – don Pedro about claudio
Friendship is constant in all other things, save in the office and affairs in love Love is more important than friendship
Done to death by slanderous tongues, was hero that here lies: death in guerdon of her wrongs, gives her game which never dies Slanderous tongues = rumoursRumours caused her deathShe’s dead but her bad rep doesn’t die
Dunk poison -while hearing the truth about hero
Impose me to what penance your invitation (to leonarto, inviting him to punish him)
Which is the last I must seize upon? Women are at his disposal, easily replacable
Can the world buy such a jewel
In mine eyes she is the sweetest lady that u ever looked on SuperlativeNaive, probably never been in loveNo emotions connection, only love based on looks
Noble claudio- Beatrice (shows his military authority, honour, brace, contrast to what he’s really like)
Rotten orange
Not to knit my soul to an approved wanton
Figure if a lamb, the feats of a lion- messenger ( looks young but is strong in military sense)
She knows the heat of a luxurious bed (she’s had sex, with many?)
Bestowed much honour – dp
Is she not a modest young lady? (Asks Benedicks approval first, cares about reputation and what others think of her before saying he likes her)
Yet sinned I not, but in mistaking(Portrays self as victim of deception, won’t admit his distrust in hero = coward, never acknowledges his refusal to believe her innocence or cruelty of shaming her = horrible person no sympathy from me)
Hath leonato any son (cares about money and dowry, mercenary = money oriented)

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