Much Ado Act 3

What plan have Hero, Margaret, and Ursula agreed to participate in? To get Beatrice to fall in love with Benedick
Why does Hero claim that she will never tell Beatrice of Benedick’s “afflictions?” To have Beatrice feel bad about how she treats Benedick
What is Beatrice’s reaction to what she overhears? She feels guilty for how she has been treating Benedick and realizes she likes him
Hero says that she will slander Beatrice to Benedick, so he wont love her; this is an example of irony
Where is Don Pedro heading after Claudio and Hero’s wedding? Aragon
What excuse does Benedick give for his melancholy behavior? Toothache
What do Don Pedro and Claudio claim is “wrong” with Benedick? He is in love
What changes as Benedick made to his physical appearance? Shaves his beard and wears cologne
What false news does Don John bring to Don Pedro and Claudio? That hero is unfaithful
A malapropism is a similar wrong word substituted for the correct one
How does Don John intend to “prove” his accusations? by having Margaret pretend to be Hero, and have her and Borachio profess their love where Claudio can here them
What does Claudio intend to do if he finds out that Hero truly is inappropriately seeing other men? Embarrass them in front of everyone
Who is Dogberry? Chief police officer of Messina (acts as a comic relief)
What does the reader notice about Dogberry’s and Verge’s speeches? Dogberry’s and Verges’s speeches?They misuse words (dumb)
How does Dogberry instruct his watchmen to deal with any wrongdoers they may encounter? To send them away because he doesn’t want to have any confrontations
What do the watchmen happen to overhear? Borachio explaining how his plan worked and what he did
Describe Beatrice’s mood during the scene with Hero and Margaret. To what does Hero contribute this mood? Beatrice feels sick, Hero tells Beatrice that she is feeling sick because she loves Benedick
Describe the verbal banter among the women as they prepare for the wedding Jovial because it is a happy event

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