Much Ado About Nothing Unit Test

What year was Shakespeare christened in Stratford upon Avon? 1564 (April 26, born April 23?)
What year did Shakespeare marry Ann Hathaway? 1582
What year did Shakespeare and Ann have daughter Susannah? 1583
What year did Shakespeare and Ann have twins Hamnet and Judrin? 1585
When did Shakespeare’s name appear as a writer in London? 1592
When did Shakespeare die? April 23, 1616
How many plays, long narrative poems, and sonnets did Shakespeare write? Plays: 37Long Narrative Poems: 2Poems: 154
Know the triangle of people for poems Dark Lady at the top point, Rival Poet at the left point, and Young Man at the right point
No . . . were allowed on stage Women
Costumes were very important, what was not as important? The sets
Purple was what kind of color? Why? An upper class color; It was very expensive
What was peascod belly? A belly men put to show they were wealthy because they ate well
What were the Acting Troupes? Lord Chamberlains Men / King’s Men
What types of showings did the Globe Theater provide? Daylight showings only
What percent of the Globe Theater did Shakespeare own? 10%
The Authorship Question 1. Stratfordians: do believe Shakespeare wrote the plays2. Anti-Stratfordians: do not believe Shakespeare wrote the plays but that Edward Devere, Earl of Oxford, did
Why is Shakespeare considered to be one of the greatest writers of all time? C: compassion toward all classes of peopleU: understanding of human natureP: power and beauty of language
Actors in the movie who had a major role Leonato: Richard BriersHero: Kate BeckinsaleBeatrice: Emma ThompsonDogberry: Michael KeatonDon Pedro: Denzel WashingtonClaudio: Robert Sean LeonardBenedick: Kenneth BranaghDon John: Keanu Reeves
ACT 1The play open with Leonato receiving a letter telling him that Don Pedro and his men are coming to Messina for a visit. We find out during Act 1 that the war was actually between whom, and what was the result? The war was between Don Pedro and Don John and Don John was not successful. Don Pedro forgave his brother and Claudio was the hero of the battle.
ACT 1How do Beatrice and Benedick treat each other and why? They used to date and had a bad breakup but they still like one another
ACT 1Who is Claudio interested in and what question does Claudio ask Don Pedro about her? He is attracted to Hero and he asks if she is Leonato’s only child
ACT 1How does Benedick feel about her? She is not his type, he likes Beatrice better
ACT 1Benedick rails against love/marriage. What does Don Pedro plan on happening before he dies? Don Pedro wants to see Benedick fall in love
ACT 1What offer does Don Pedro make to Claudio? Don Pedro will pretend to be Claudio and ask Hero to marry him and then talk to her father, Leonato
ACT 1Scene 2 is left out of the movie, but this is the first eavesdropping scene in the play. What does Antonio, Leonato’s brother, learn from his eavesdropping servant? He thinks that Don Pedro wants Hero for himself but he got the information wrong
ACT 1In Scene 3, while Don John is speaking to Conrade, what information obtained by eavesdropping does Borachio bring to Don John? Don Pedro is going to help Claudio marry Hero
ACT 1What resolution does Don John make? He decides to try to stop the wedding because he does not like Claudio
ACT 2The beginning of Act 2 begins at the costume party that night. After seeing Don John, Beatrice says he gives her heartburn because he is so melancholy. She then says the perfect man would be between what 2 men? Benedick and Don John
ACT 2What advice does Beatrice give Hero before they go into the party? To pick her own husband
ACT 2What does Leonato instruct Hero to do? What put the idea into his head that Don Pedro wants Hero and not Claudio? Instructs her to marry Don Pedro, the prince
ACT 2Who pairs off at the party? Beatrice & BenedickHero & Don PedroAntonio & Borachio
ACT 2Beatrice pretends to Benedick that she doesn’t recognize him and insults him. What is his reaction? He is offended and his feelings are hurt
ACT 2What lie does Don John tell Claudio and how does Claudio react? He tells Claudio that Don Pedro wants Hero for himself and Claudio believes it and gets angry
ACT 2Beatrice leads the jealous Claudio over to Don Pedro. What does Don Pedro say to him? “I got her for you and her father’s permission.” She is ready to marry
ACT 2Don Pedro speaks to Beatrice for a while. What does he ask her and how does she answer him? Will Beatrice marry him (Don Pedro) and she says no because he is too high class
ACT 2 Don Pedro comes up with a plan to get what couple together? Whose help does he enlist? Beatrice & Benedick helped by Leonato, Hero, and Claudio
ACT 2The scene switches to Benedick. What kind of woman appeals to him? Beautiful, mild, good musician, virtuous (virgin), rich
ACT 2What does Benedick overhear as he is eavesdropping on Don Pedro, Claudio, and Leonato? What does he resolve to do after listening in on their conversation? That Beatrice loves him / He will requite (return) her love
ACT 2On what errand does Don Pedro send Beatrice? To get Benedick for dinner
ACT 2How does Benedick react to Beatrice’s news that dinner is ready? Double meaning behind what she said
ACT 2What does, “You have no stomach?” mean? “Are you not hungry?”
ACT 3What does Beatrice overhear from Hero and Ursula? That Benedick loves her, she will requite his love
ACT 3Don Pedro and Claudio tease Benedick about his primping, and in the actual play, Benedick even shaves off his head. What conclusion do Don Pedro and Claudio draw from Benedick’s new appearance? That he is in love with Beatrice
ACT 3What does Don John tell Don Pedro and Claudio in order to show his “love” for them? “Hero” with another man but it was really Margaret
ACT 3Because of Don John’s information, what decision do Claudio and Don Pedro make? Decides not to marry Hero
ACT 3We meet the Watch. What stereotype are Dogberry and Verges? Dumb
ACT 3What is the Watch’s job that night? To watch Leonato’s house
ACT 3We see two vices (sins) in Borachio that night. What are they? Lechery (sex) and drinking
ACT 3What does Borachio tell Conrade that he’s done that night? He set up Hero to make her look unfaithful
ACT 3What happens when he finishes his story? The Watch arrest him
ACT 3Why have Dogberry and Verges come to see Leonato? To tell him they arrested the man
ACT 3What does Leonato do, and how does this decision affect the action? Leonato sends them away. Had he not, he would have found out that Hero was set up
A man’s reputation during the Elizabethan period was closely tied to what? To the reputations of the women in his life
What are two labels a man never wanted to be called? 1. Coward2. Cuckhold: someone whose love is unfaithful to them
Female Virgin Maid(en)
What are some Elizabethan terms for promiscuous women? Stale, wanton, strumpet, drab (an actual prostitute)
What is a double standard? One standard for men and another for women
ACT 4What does Claudio do at his wedding? He repudiates Hero / disowns her
ACT 4At first, what does Leonato assume has happened when Claudio asserts that Hero is not a virgin? He thinks that they had sex
ACT 4 Who sides with Claudio? Don John, Don Pedro, and Leonato at first
ACT 4How does Hero try to defend herself and then what happens to her? She says she wasn’t with another man and then she faints
ACT 4Who consistently believes in Hero’s innocence? Priest and Beatrice
ACT 4Who does Leonato believe? Claudio then Hero
ACT 4Who is willing to give Hero the benefit of the doubt and sees Don John as the probable cause of the problem? Benedick
ACT 4What plan does Friar Francis concoct? Hero be “dead” – Make Claudio feel guilty and give enough time to figure out what happened
ACT 4When Benedict tells Beatrice that he will do anything for her, what request does she make and how does he react? She asks him to kill Claudio and he refuses
ACT 4What does the sexton discover during his interrogation of Conrade and Borachio? Hero was set up
ACT 4Where has Don John gone? Fled Messina
ACT 4How does Conrade upset Dogberry? Calls him an ass
ACT 4How does Dogberry defend himself? He gave 2 reasons why he shouldn’t be called an ass: he owns his own home and has 2 sets of clothes
What are some examples of malapropisms said by Dogberry? Suspect / RespectAuspicious / SuspiciousComprehended / ApprehendedRedemption / Damnation
ACT 5Antonio tells his brother Leonato that he needs to calm down. Leonato refuses to listen because he’s so upset for Hero. Antonio advises him to get revenge. What does Leonato want Claudio to do, and how upset does Claudio respond? He challenges him to a fight and Claudio refuses / insults Leonato
ACT 5How does Don Pedro react to Leonato’s challenge to Claudio? He tells Leonato that Hero was guilty because they saw her being unfaithful
ACT 5When he arrives, who realizes that Benedick is not in a joking mood, and what does Benedick want from Claudio? Don Pedro; Benedick challenges Claudio to a duel
ACT 5How does Benedick plan to alter his relationship with Don Pedro? Severs ties with him (break off relationship with him)
ACT 5What news from Benedick surprises Don Pedro? Don John has fled Messina
ACT 5What is ironic about Dogberry’s findings concerning Borachio and Conrade? Dogberry discovers how they were setting up Hero to look unfaithful. It’s ironic because he isn’t very smart
ACT 5How does Claudio feel when he hears Borachio’s confession? He is remorseful about how he publicly humiliated her
ACT 5What offer does Claudio make to Leonato? To name his punishment, and Claudio will do it
ACT 5What penance does Leonato give to Don Pedro and Claudio? 1. To write an epitaph for Hero’s grave proclaiming her innocence 2. Marry Hero’s “cousin”
ACT 5How does Borachio demonstrate that he is not all bad? He says Margaret knew nothing about them setting up Hero. He used her in their plot.
ACT 5What further accusation does Dogberry make against Borachio and Conrade? They called him an ass
ACT 5What problem does Benedick have with writing poetry? He can’t rhyme
ACT 5Why won’t Beatrice give Benedick a kiss? He didn’t kill Claudio
ACT 5Ursula brings Beatrice and Benedick news of Hero’s exoneration (free from guilty). What favor does Benedick want from Friar Francis? To marry him and Beatrice
ACT 5What advice does Benedick give to Don John? “Get thee a wife.”
ACT 5What job will Benedick perform for Don Pedro? He will decide on Don John’s punishment
ACT 5How does the movie differ from the play in reference to Don John? In the play he is not seen after the wedding and in the movie we see him run away laughing and then at the end
VOCAB ACT 11. Blithe2. Bonny3. Aversion4. Deride 1. Carefree, happy2. Pretty3. Extreme dislike4. To ridicule
VOCAB ACT 21. Berate2. Disdain3. Thwart4. Repudiate5. Arbor6. Ardor 1. To put down, criticize2. Contempt, scorn, to look down on3. To interfere with4. To denounce, disown5. Garden, vegetation, trees6. Passion
VOCAB ACT 31. Infidelity2. Rustic3. Malapropism 1. Unfaithfulness2. Typical country life, simple, unsophisticated3. Misuse of a similar sounding word
VOCAB ACT 41. Rendezvous2. Exonerate3. Ineptitude, Inept4. Pompous 1. Prearranged meeting2. To free from blame3. Lack of sense, foolish4. Arrogant
VOCAB ACT 51. Stale, Wanton, Drab, Strumpet2. Cuckold3. Maid(en) 1. Promiscuous women2. Someone whose love is unfaithful to them3. Virgin
What year was Much Ado About Nothing written? 1598
What year was the Much Ado About Nothing movie debuted? 1993
What was Shakespeare’s source for Much Ado About Nothing? Folk tales/stories about someone being tricked into thinking his/her love is unfaithful
Plot Devices – Examples from the play? 1. Eavesdropping – Borachio heard Don Pedro was helping Claudio marry Hero2. Disguise – Don Pedro pretends to be Claudio to propose to Hero / Margaret seems to be Hero with a man
Much Ado About Nothing is a comedy of . . . Character, not a comedy of situation (sitcom). Humor comes from the characters’ conversations
2 Sets of Lovers 1. Beatrice and Benedick: Warring lovers2. Hero and Claudio: Conventional lovers
Hero is a stereotype of the. . . Ingenue: an innocent, inexperienced young lady who learns about life
What is a cad? A man who doesn’t act like a gentleman
Don John – “plain dealing villain”. . . He’s a stereotype of the mustache twirling villain. Shakespeare uses him as a mechanical plot device. He’s not fleshed out like Shakespeare’s main villains. Thus, he’s a static character. If he were a true villain, he would destroy the comedy.
Dogberry Shakespeare’s first great comic creation
Themes of Much Ado About Nothing 1. Triumph of love (2 marriages at end)2. Forgiveness3. Reputation (MAJOR THEME)
Don John’s Punishment? What are a few Renaissance punishments? 1. Drawn and Quartered: partially hanged, cut you up, then horse tied at each part rips your body apart2. Tarred and Feathered3. Branded4. Pillory: Humiliated

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