“Much Ado About Nothing” Test Review

Benedick and Beatrice Who refuses to marry at the beginning of the play?
Sicily, sixteenth century When and where does the play take place
He doesn’t; Don Pedro does How does Claudio woo Hero?
Enemy At the beginning of the play, what is Beatrice’s relationship to Benedick
Hero’s father Who is Leonato?
To ruin Claudio What does Don John want?
Borachio and Margaret Who carries out Don John’s plan?
It’s in his nature What reason does Don John give for his sullenness?
Dogberry Who is said to be “an ass”?
He thinks she cheated on him and lost her virginity Why does Claudio reject Hero at the altar?
The watch Who discovers Don John’s evil plot?
He pretends Hero is dead and challenges Claudio to a duel What does Leonato’s household do to punish Claudio for shaking Hero?
Beatrice and Benedick Which 2 characters write love sonnets?
Beatrice To whom does Don Pedro propose marriage?
She is wearing Hero’s clothes Why is Margaret mistaken for Hero?
Don Pedro Which character is sad at the end of the play?
Borachio’s confession of Don John’s plot What makes Claudio realize that he wrongly accused Hero?
They have him overhear their conversation in which they assert that she is in love with him How do Don Pedro and Claudio make Benedick fall in love with Beatrice?
Yes, but Benedick left her Have Beatrice and Benedick courted before?
Because her reputation had been publicly tarnished Why is it necessary for Hero to seen to die?
Malapropism What term best describes Dogberry’s verbal comedy
The infidelity of men What is Balthasar’s song in Act II, scene iii about
The man unwilling to marry What does the “salvage bull” symbolize?
Don Pedro Who is the most socially powerful person in the play?
Hero The cousin of Beatrice
Leonato Beatrice’s uncle
Don John Formulated the evil plot against Claudio
Borachio Don John’s servant that help execute Don John’s evil plot
Aragon Don Pedro is the prince of…
Watch Dogberry’s men
Don Pedro Person at the masquerade party who asks Beatrice to consider him for a husband
Margaret and Ursula Hero’s servants
Don Pedro Who woo’s Hero for Claudio?
After Hero is rejected at the alter Beatrice and Benedick first admit to being in love after what happens
Claudio Beatrice demands that Leonato challenges who to a duel
Prove her innocence What is Friar’s plan to redeem Hero?
One of Leonato’s daughters Who does Claudio agree to marry when he learns of Hero’s death?
She denies it at first until the poem exchange When Benedick asks Beatrice to admit she loves him in front of everyone what happens?
Poems What do Benedick and Beatrice exchange at the end that brings them back together?
A big deal about nothing What do y’all y believe to be the theme of “Much Ado about Nothing”?

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