Much Ado About Nothing Hero Lines

(Scene 1 – Page 3) Beatrice: I pray you, is Signior Mountanto returned from the wars or no? Leonato: What is he, niece? My cousin means Signior Benedick.
(Scene 3 – Page 7) Don Pedro: Lady, will you walk about with me in your company? I may say so when I please.
(Scene 3 – Page 7) Don Pedro: And when please you to say so? When I like your favour, for God defend the lute should be like the case.
(Scene 3 – Page 8) Leonato: My lord, I am for you, though it cost me ten nights’ watchings. Claudio: And I, my lord. I will do any modest office, my lord, to help my cousin to a good husband.
(Scene 6 – Page 11) Benedick: Ha! “Against my will I am sent to bid you come in to dinner.” There’s a double meaning in that. If I do not take pity of her, I am a villain. (Scene change) Good Margaret, run thee to the parlour; there shalt thou find my cousin Beatrice. Whisper her ear, and tell her I and Ursley walk in the orchard and our whole discourse is all of her.
(Scene 6 – Page 11) Hero: …and our whole discourse is all of her. Margaret: I’ll make her come, I warrant you, presently. Now, Ursula, when Beatrice doth come, our talk must only be of Benedick.
(Scene 6 – Page 11) Hero: …our talk must only be of Benedick. Ursula: Fear you not. Then go we near her, that her ear lose nothing.
(Scene 6 – Page 11) Hero: …that her ear lose nothing. Ursula: Are you sure that Benedick loves Beatrice so entirely? So says the Prince, and my new-trothed lord. They did entreat me to acquaint her of it; but I persuaded them, if they loved Benedick, never to let Beatrice know of it. She cannot love, she is so self-endeared.
(Scene 6 – Page 11-12) Hero: …She cannot love, she is so self-endeared. Ursula: And therefore certainly it were not good she knew his love. Therefore, let Benedick, like covered fire, consume away in sighs.
(Scene 6 – Page 12) Hero: …consume away in sighs. Ursula: Yet tell her of it. No; rather I will go to Benedick and counsel him to fight against his passion.
(Scene 6 – Page 12) Hero: …and counsel him to fight against his passion. Ursula: She cannot refuse so rare a gentleman as Signior Benedick. He is the only man of Italy, always excepted my dear Claudio.
(Scene 6 – Page 12) Hero: …always excepted my dear Claudio. Ursula: Signior Benedick, for shape, for bearing, argument and valour, goes foremost in report through Italy. Indeed he hath an excellent good name.
(Scene 6 – Page 12) Hero: Indeed he hath an excellent good name. Ursula: His excellence did earn it ere he had it. When are you married, madam? Why, everyday, tomorrow! Come, go in.
(Scene 6 – Page 12) Hero: …Come, go in. Ursula: We have caught her, madam. If it prove so, then loving goes by haps. Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps.
(Scene 9 – Page 15) Margaret: Get you some of this distilled Carduus Benedictus and lay it to your heart. Here thou prick’st her with a thistle.
(Scene 9 – Page 15) Ursula: Madam, withdraw. The Prince, the Count, Signior Benedick, Don John, and all the gallants of the town are come to fetch you to church. Help to dress me, good coz, good Meg, good Ursula.
(Scene 11 – Page 16) Friar: Lady, you come hither to be married to this Count? I do.

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