Much Ado About Nothing: Don Pedro

Claudio asks Don Pedro to help woo Hero, he approves to match and offers to win over Hero for Claudio and talk to Leonato about it. This phrase shows that Don Pedro is using his influence and status to his advantage. The verb ‘have’ shows that he’s going to own her and highlights the idea of women being possessed in the Elizabethan era. “Thou shalt have her” (Act 1 Scene 1)
Don Pedro uses imagery of capturing when referring to the couple, this imagery emphasise the idea that he’s taking control and overpowering the women. It reinforces the fact that women had no say in who they married and were often controlled by their fathers and other men of high status. “net/ prisoner” (Act 1 scene 1)
Beatrice declines Don Pedro’s marriage proposal and soon realises that she hasn’t married because she hasn’t found someone who is equal to her in mockery and wit. Don Pedro suggests that Beatrice would be an excellent wife for Benedick and immediately gets the support from Hero, Leonato and Claudio, he believes they’ll be perfectly suited. “To bring signor Benedick and lady Beatrice into a mountain of affection” (act 2 scene 1)

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