Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare

Act 1
Who was defeated in the war? Don John
How does Don Pedro treat the loser and why? Treats him with kindness because he wants to build a relationship.
Who “hath borne himself beyond the promise of his age” in recent battle? Don Pedro
Which characters have a “skirmish of wit” whenever they meet? Benedick and Beatrice
After Claudio sees Hero, what are the three words or phrases he uses to describe her? Sweetest lady; average; pretty; modest young lady
How does Don Pedro offer to help Claudio in Hero’s hand? Don Pedro is going to pretend to be Claudio and woo Hero
How does Leonato get the false impression that Don Pedro loves Hero? He over heard Don Pedro talking to Claudio about his “love” for Hero
What does Antonio learn from his eavesdropping servant? Don Pedro wants to marry Hero
How does Don John find out about Don Pedro’s plan to woo Hero for Claudio? His eavesdropping servant Borachio tells him
Act 2
What kind of man does Beatrice consider ideal? Attractive; Pampered boy; Chattering; Good body; and lots of money
According to Beatrice, what comes after wooing and wedding? Non-stop dancing
How does Claudio react to Don John’s lie? He leaves the party saying “farewell to his love” Hero
What does this show about Claudio? If someone he loves falls in love with his friend then he will not intervene between their love.
How does Benedick react to Beatrice’s insults? He is being funny because she is saying mean things about him and his reaction is saying “If I see that man I will tell him.”
What plan does Don Pedro concoct? Bring Benedick and Beatrice together
Whom does he ask to help him? Leonato and Claudio
What is Borachio’s plan for slandering Hero? Wants to crash the wedding
How will the plan make Don Pedro feel he “hath wronged his honor”? Because he is going to marry Hero which is Claudio’s girl
How do Claudio and the others trick Benedick? They tell Benedick lies about Hero loving him
Describe three things that convince Benedick that these men are telling the truth. Beatrice loves Benedick; She wants to marry him; All she loves is Benedick.
Why does Benedick decide he will be in love with Beatrice? Because he doesn’t think this can be a trick
What is Benedick’s line of reasoning? “I do spy some marks of love in her.”
Act 3
How do Hero and her two gentlewomen, Ursula and Margaret, trick Beatrice? They tell her that Benedick loves her
What does Beatrice resolve? Her feelings for Benedick
What conclusion do Don Pedro and Claudio draw from Benedick’s new appearance? he is in love
Why does Don John take Don Pedro and Claudio aside? To tell them to stop their plans
What does Claudio plan to do at the alter? Shame Hero
What is Dogberry’s and Verges’s job? Master Constable
What does Borachio tell Conrade? That it was Margaret
What happens to Borachio and Conrade at the end of the scene? They are arrested
What are Margaret and Hero discussing as they plan for the wedding at the beginning of this scene? Clothing; Beatrice’s behavior; and sex
Why does Dogberry go to see Leonato? They have found the criminals
What does Leonato do? How does this affect the action? He will come back later; his decision to prove Hero’s innocence
Act 4
What does Claudio shock the wedding assembly? He shames Hero and tells the assembly that she is no longer a virgin
What is Hero’s response to Claudio’s accusation? She faints
Who also claims to have witnessed Hero’s disgraceful behavior? Don John and Leonato
What is Leona’s reaction to the accusations against his daughter? He believes Claudio
Who is consistently believes in Hero’s innocence? Beatrice
Who does Benedick see as the probable cause of this problem? Beatrice because he loves her and doesn’t want to hurt their relationship
What does he agree to do when he says “Enough, I am engaged”? Benedick and Beatrice are getting married
What is the friar’s plan for seeing that the truth comes out? Faked Hero’s death
How do Beatrice and Benedick behave differently in this scene compared to earlier ones? They are being nice to each other
What does the sexton discover during his interrogation of Conrade and Borachio? Borachio framed Hero
Act 5
What news does Benedick give Don Pedro about Don John? He left
How does Claudio respond when he hears the prisoners’ confession? He calls Dogberry an a**
What penance does Leonato give Don Pedro and Claduio? Fight him
Hoe does Beatrice respond when Benedick ask how Hero is? Hero is dead
What does Benedick want from Beatrice? Why won’t she comply? A kiss; His wit is forceful
What news does Ursula bring? Hero’s exoneration
Why must Don Pedro and Claudio change clothes in this scene? (Act 5, Scene 3) To look nice
When does Claudio realize that Hero is still alive? When she removes her mask at a party
Why do Claudio and Hero both show letters they have in their possession? They are letters to each other but were never sent because Claudio thought Hero was dead.
What advice does Benedick give to Don Pedro? Don’t listen to others
What is the messenger’s news about Don John? He is dead
More Q & A’s and Notes………
Who is Leonato? Governor of Messina
Who is Antonio? Leonato’s brother
Who is Beatrice? Leonato’s niece
Who is Hero? Leonato’s daughter
Who is Benedick? Soldier under Don John
Who is Don Pedro? Prince of Aragon
Who is Don John? Don Pedro’s brother
Who is Borachio? Don John’s servant
Who is Claudio? Young lord from Florence
Who is SeƱor Montanto? Benedick
Who is Dogberry’s assistant? Verges
Who is Messina’s master constable? Dogberry
Who is made head watchman? Seacoal
Where does “Much Ado About Nothing” take place? Messina
What is Benedick’s relationship to Beatrice? Ex-boyfriend
What does Claudio decide in the first scene? Claudio is in love with Hero
What is Benedick’s view of love and marriage? He hates it
What favor does Don Pedro do for Claudio? Makes Hero fall in love with Claudio
What does Don John describe himself as? A villain
What does Beatrice say she thanks God every night for? That she isn’t married
What kind of party does Leonato throw? Masquerade
What did Leonato and Antonio think was going to happen at the party? Don Pedro was going to propose to Hero
Does Hero talk a lot? No
What does Beatrice call Benedick at the party when he was masked? Prince’s Jester
What hint does Beatrice drop for the possible reason she hates Benedick? They use to be in love
What did Benedick say he would rather do than talk to Beatrice? Get a toothpick from the end of China
How much does Don John pay Borachio for his “plan”? 1,000 ducets
What physical change does Benedick make? He shaved his beard
Where does Don Pedro heading after Claudio and Hero’s wedding? Aragon
What does Benedick say is wrong with him when Don Pedro and Claudio say he is in love? Toothache
What does Don John tell Don Pedro and Claudio? Hero had an affair
What was Claudio’s plan if Hero actually was disloyal? Leave her at the alter
What is Claudio’s response when the friar asked him if he would take Hero for his bride? No
What does Claudio call Hero? A rotten orange and prostitute
What was Leona’s reaction to Claudio’s accusations? He wanted to kill himself
Who defends her right away? The friar
What does the friar say Hero would become if they couldn’t get her reputation back? Nun
What does Beatrice ask Benedick to do? Kill Claudio
How many people challenge Claudio to a duel? 3
What did Leonato learn from Borachio? Don John made everything up
What did Claduio say was his only sin? He made a mistake
What are Leonato’s conditions that Claduio must do to earn his forgiveness? Sing epitaph, tell everyone Hero was innocent, marry his niece because Hero is dead.
Who does Leonato say was completely innocent? Don Pedro and Claudio
Who is partly to blame? Margaret
What must all the girls wear at the wedding? Veils
Who does Claudio end up actually marrying? Hero
Who ends up getting married at the very end? Beatrice and Benedick
What was the proof Benedick and Beatrice loved each other? They had love letter to each other

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