Much Ado About Nothing Acts 3-4

She’s convinced to love Benedick by Hero and Urusla what trick is played on Beatrice
Beatrice decides to marry Benedick what does Beatrice resolve after the trick is played on her
a toothache what physical ailment troubles Benedick
He wears new clothes and perfume for Beatrice How and why has Benedick changed his appearance
They make fun of him and their trick is successful what conclusion do Don Pedro and Claudio draw from Benedick’s new appearance
He tells them that Hero is cheating on Claudio What does Don John tell Don Pedro and Claudio
They’ll confront Hero at the wedding What decision do Claudio and Don Pedro make? Why?
Dogberry and Verges are cops. They fit the “Cops are stupid” stereotype Who are Dogberry and Verges? What stereotype do they fit?
Watch for drunkards What is the watch’s job that night?
Getting Drunk What is Borachio’s main vice?
He got with Margaret. He fooled Pedro and Claudio. Don John payed Borachio with gold coins. What does Borachio tell Conrade? What happens when Borachio finishes his story
They tell Leonato about the arrest. Leonato is angry Why have Dogberry and Verges come to see Leonato? How does Leonato react?
He exposes Hero What does Claudio do at his wedding?
He thinks Claudio is sleeping with Hero At first, what does Leonato assume has happened when Claudio asserts Hero is not a virgin?
Leonato, Don Pedro, and Don John Who sides with Claudio?
She tries to prove her innocence and then she faints How does Hero try to defend herself? What happens next?
Friar, Beatrice, and Benedick Who believes Hero’s innocence?
The Princes and Claudio Whom does Leonato believe?
Friar, Beatrice, and Benedick Who is willing to give Hero the benefit of the doubt?
Benedick believes Don John caused this and Benedick is not gullible Who sees Don John as the probable cause of this problem? What does it show about him?
Hero is going to fake her death What plan does Friar Francis concoct?
They act sincere How does the interaction of Beatrice and Benedick in this scene differ from their earlier convesations?
Beatrice wants Benedick to kill Claudio and Bendick says no When Benedick tells Beatrice that he will do anything for her, what request does she make? How does Benedick react?
He discovers that Hero is innocent What does the sexton discover during his interrogation of Conrade and Borachio?
He payed Borachio to make it seem like Hero is not a virgin What has Don John done?
He calls him an ass How does Conrade upset Dogberry?
He calls himself and ass and that he his hot How does Dogberry defend himself from being called an ass?

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