Much Ado About Nothing Acts 1-3

In the absence of credible evidence to the contrary, who must be viewed as the author of Shakespeare’s plays? William Shakespeare
Along with As You Like It and Twelfth Night, Much Ado About Nothing shares what characteristic? no deaths
The plot of Much Ado About Nothing shares many features with which Shakespearean comedy? The Winter’s Tale
The plot of Much Ado About Nothing also shares significant elements with which Shakespearean tragedy? Romeo and Juliet
The courtship between which two characters makes Much Ado About Nothing so memorable? Benedick and Beatrice
In what country does Much Ado About Nothing take place? Italy
At the start of the play, Leonato is preparing to welcome home his friends from ___. war
After Claudio leaves Hero at the altar, Hero’s family tells everyone that ___. Hero died of grief
Who are the local heads of police? Dogberry and Verges
At the end of the play, how many couples get married in total? 2
Which character has a suspicious nature that sees them easily tricked by evil rumors and hasty to take revenge? Claudio
Who is the nobleman from Aragon that is sometimes referred to as “Prince”? Don Pedro
Who is Antonio? Hero’s uncle
In recent productions of the play, which character is sometimes staged as Don John’s lover? Conrad
Who sings the song “Sigh no more, ladies,” encouraging women to accept men’s infidelity? Balthasar
Which character rails against the unequal status of women, saying, “O that I were a man for his sake!”? Beatrice
Who challenges Claudio to a duel after he jilts Hero? Benedick
Who is the only one of the play’s gallants (fine gentlemen) not to end up with a wife at the end? Don Pedro
Who is the first man to propose marriage to Beatrice, either seriously or in jest? Don Pedro
Which histrionic character begs to be sent to “the furthest inch of Asia” rather than speak to Beatrice? Benedick
Courtiers in this play embody the ideal of sprezzatura, in which wit and grace are supposed to appear ___. effortless
Which character holds power over his friends by virtue of his social status? Don Pedro
Shakespeare uses way Beatrice and Benedick are fooled into falling in love to demonstrate that deceit is not inherently ___. evil
In the context of the play, Hero’s death is ___. symbolic
Which of these scenes represents the climax of the play? Hero’s shaming
In whose household are Don Pedro, Claudio, and Benedick invited to stay for a month? Leonato
What does Benedick and Beatrice’s “merry war” consist of? exchanging insults
What is Don John’s nickname? The Bastard
Before Don John and Don Pedro became friendly, they were ___. mutually hostile
What does Don Pedro propose to do in order to help Claudio win Hero’s heart? disguise himself as Claudio
After overhearing Don Pedro in conversation with Claudio, Antonio mistakenly tells Leonato that Don Pedro is in love with ___. Hero
Which character is Don John’s servant? Conrad
When Conrad asks Don John why he seems melancholy, Don John replies that he is ___. naturally unpleasant
Which servant overhears Claudio and Don Pedro conversing and correctly understands Don Pedro’s role in Claudio’s plan to woo hero? Borachio
Before the masked ball, who vows to help Don John in his desire to make trouble for Claudio? Borachio and Conrad
Who wears a mask at the masked ball? the men
Why does Claudio rush out after speaking to Don John during the masked ball? He’s angry and upset
At the time of the masked ball, who does Beatrice state she intends to marry? nobody
What does Beatrice compare Don Pedro to after he offers himself to her as a husband? a fancy outfit
After Claudio and Hero agree to marry, Leonato schedules the wedding for… the coming monday
Who does Borachio plan to make love to on Hero’s balcony? Margaret
What does Don John promise to Borachio if he can successfully ruin Hero and Claudio’s wedding? a large reward
Where is Benedick hiding when he overhears his friends loudly describing how Beatrice has fallen in love with him? behind some trees
Believing that Beatrice is in love with him, how does Benedick behave when she appears to fetch him to dinner? courteously
After becoming infatuated with Beatrice, what item does Benedick run off to procure? a portrait of Beatrice
Where does Hero stage a conversation about Benedick being in love with Beatrice, knowing that Beatrice is eavesdropping? in the garden
Who is Hero speaking with when Beatrice overhears her talking about Benedick’s secret infatuation? Ursula
As compared with his demeanor at the start of the play, Benedick’s infatuation with Beatrice makes him ___. subdued
Don John approaches Claudio and Don Pedro, and shocks them by informing them that Hero is ___. unfaithful
Who vows to assist Claudio in publicly shaming Hero if she is proven to be unfaithful? Don Pedro
What is the collective title under which the town policemen of Messina operate? The Watch
What are the policemen instructed to do if someone fails to stand in Don Pedro’s name? ignore him
Whose house are the policemen told to be particularly vigilant around? Leonato
Unaware that police are listening, who explains how Claudio and Don Pedro were tricked into thinking Hero was unfaithful? Borachio
What is the stated offense for which the police arrest Conrad and Borachio? Lechery
Who argues affectionately with Hero about what she should wear on her wedding day? Margaret
Although she’s unaware of Don John’s treachery, on the morning of her wedding Hero experiences a strong sense of ___. Foreboding
Why is Beatrice annoyed with Margaret on the morning of Hero’s wedding? Margaret is teasing Beatrice
Who approaches Leonato just as he is about to enter the church for Hero and Claudio’s wedding? Dogberry and Verges
Who do Dogberry and Verges request as an audience while they interrogate their prisoners? Leonato

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