much ado about nothing act 4 quiz

At his wedding, who shamed Hero for being disloyal and is supported by Don Pedro and Don John Claudio
Who believes that Hero is innocent and devised a plan to recover her good name The Friar
Who admit there love for Bendick after the wedding Beatrice
What did Beatrice request Benedick to do to see if he really loves her? To kill Claudio
Who said this quote? “You come hither, my lord, to marry this lady?” The Friar
Claudio tells the Friar what when he asks if he wants to marry Hero? No
who is all caught off guard during the wedding? the audience
Who interrupts and says “to be married to her— Friar, you come to marry her” to break the tension Leonato
the friar asks everyone if they have any what as to why hero and claudio should not be married disclosed reasons
who goes off maniacally to the friar by saying ” o, what men dare do! what men may do! What men daily do, not knowing what they do!” which is appeared to be cursing the other man who was with Hero, but does not now what he is saying claudio
who calls Hero a rotten orange? claudio
him calling hero a rotten fruit rejection of claudio
who blushes to cover up her sinful nature? hero
“would you not swear, all that you see her, that she were a maid, but these exterior shows? but she is none. she knows the heat of a luxurious bed. her blush is guiltiness, not modesty” is said by who? claudio
claudio says, “not to be married, not to knit my soul to an approved wanton” what does wanton mean? slut (proved harlot)
who thinks that claudio was the one who took Hero’s virginity before marriage? leonato
diana is the goddess of chasity is a what? allusion
what did don pedro call hero a high class prositute
who asks rhetorically, “are these things spoken or do i but dream?” leonato
venus is the goddess of love is an example of what? allusion
who said “sir they are spoke and these things are true” don john
who all shamed hero? claudio, don pedro, and don john
who is very manipulative and who leonato told he was a man of a few words at the beginning? don john
how does claudio test hero to see how she reacts? he said to make you answer truly to your name
claudio confronts hero about his proof that he has by saying what? what make was he talked with you yesternight our at your window betwixt twelve and one? now if you are a maid, answer this.”
does hero answer honestly? if so, what does she say? i talked with no man at that house, my lord.
who explains the proof? don pedro
words that who said wounded hero and so hurtful that she will not speak another word, as her reputation has been utterly shattered. don john
who wants to kill thereself because of hero’s actions? leonato
who faints? hero
who comes to her rescue? beatrice
was she dead? no
Leonato wants hero to live? true or false false
who did not jump to conclusions and who decided to take side with hero? benedick did not jump to conclusions and then beatrice took her cousins side
who was not with hero the night before the wedding? beatrice
Leonato thinks hero is guilty? true or false? true
benedick suspects that don pedro and claudio have been manipulated by who? don john
who think hero is innocent because of her actions? the friar
what is friars plan for hero? for hero to pretend dead so it will make claudio reveal his real emotions
the news of hero’s “death” will make claudio what? repentant
benedick said that he loves who as much as nothing in this world? beatrice
do not swear and eat it means? do not swear and then eat your words— idiom
benedick says what to beatrice? that he is so in love with her that he will do anything for her
what does beatrice say that benedick has to do if he wants to keep beatrice as a lover? kill claudio— beatrice’s orders.
at first, what does benedick say to what beatrice orders? “ha. not for the wide world!” —she was denied.
what does hero say when she says that’s she tells them honestly and no one believed her” “i talked with no man at that hour, my lord”
who’s words wounded her to where she will not speak another word and as her reputation is being shattered don john
does benedick as if claudio is beatrice’s enemy? true or false. true
does beatrice call claudio an enemy? true or false. true
does bendick say he will challenge claudio? true or false. true
who is out in chains and send to leonato? borachio and comrade
who questions imprisoned borachio? dogberry
dogberry used what kind of language when he said dissent instead of assembly? malapropism
who asked who the arrested people are? “which be the malefactors?” the sexton (town clerk)
sexton says “but which are the offenders that are to be examined?” what is this? this is a comedic opening that reminds the audience just how unqualified verges is.
who denies any involvement, which the sexton records in his book? borachio
what would be the next, fastest step to see what happened? to ask the watchmen what they heard.
what did the first watchmen say about what he heard? “this man said that don john, the princes brother, was a villain”
who said “he has received a thousands ducats of don john for accusing the lady hero wrongfully” seacoal
all of this has been recorded in the sextons official record. true or false? true.
what does dogberry mean to say when he says opinioned? pinioned—bound
what did dogberry call conrade? naughty barley
what did conrade call dogberry? an ass
what two traits does dogberry demonstrate when he says, ” i am a wise fellow and which is more an office and which is more a householder and which is more as pretty piece of flesh…” ? he’s being seen as honorable and complete lack of self-awareness

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