Much Ado About Nothing Act 3-4

Margaret is sent to tell Beatrice what? That Benedick loves her
Both Beatrice and Benedick are like what? Hooked fish
Hero says that Beatrice loves Benedick, she treats Benedick unfairly, and she is sometimes self-centered
When Hero says that she will slander Beatrice to Benedick so he won’t love her, this is an example of what? (Verbal) irony
After the 2 women exit, Beatrice decides what? She loves Benedick, is willing to marry him, and will treat him kindly
Benedick shows he is a changed man by what? Putting on new clothes, shaving his beard, putting on perfume and makeup
Benedick admits that he needs to talk to whom about what? To Leonato about marrying Beatrice
Routinely, illegitimate sons in Renaissance drama are what? Evil
Don John tells Claudio and Don Pedro what? That Hero has been disloyal to Claudio
What is a malapropism? A similar wrong word substituted for the correct one
What are Dogberry an Verges members of? The police
Instead of doing their jobs, the watch would rather what? Sleep
What does Borachio’s name mean? Drunkard
Who does Borachio reveal the scheme to? Conrade
Dogberry and Verges want Leonato to deal with Borachio and Conrade, but why can’t he? He is ion a hurry because it is Hero’s wedding day
At the wedding, Claudio denounces Hero and what? Tells everyone that she is not a virgin, says he won’t marry her, and Don Pedro supports his denunciation
Hero becomes so upset that she what? Faints
Leonato is so upset that he what? Wants to die, wishes Hero were dead, and is glad that Hero is his only child
Hero’s innocence is unequivocally maintained by who? Beatrice
The friar believes what? Hero is right
Benedick realizes what? Don John probably convinced Don Pedro and Claudio with some trick
In the friar’s plan, what must Hero do? Pretend to be dead
The friar’s plan is approved by whom? Benedick. Leonato, and Hero
Beatrice and Benedick admit what? That they love each other
Benedick tells Beatrice what? He will do anything for her
A turning point comes in the play when Beatrice asks Benedick to do what? Kill Claudio
Beatrice wishes what? She were a man
Finally, Benedick agrees to what? Challenge Claudio to a duel
The sexton manages to discover what? The deceit of Don John and Borachio

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