much ado about nothing, act 3

why is it ironic that conrade and borachio are captured? the watch is completely incompetent and the fact that they captured anyone, especially the right guys is crazy
why doesn’t leonato take time to listen to dogberry? he is busy with the wedding and they seem foolish
what does he advise dogberry to do? question them himself
twin scene to the boys trick scene 1
benedick arrives and he looks different because he is trying to make himself look more ___________ attractive to beatrice
___ asks leonato to speak with him (about beatrice) benedick
________ says hero is disloyal, they see borachio and hero (actually margaret) and claudio decides to humiliate hero at the wedding don john
___ says he will join claudio in disgracing her pedro
___ talks to the men about how to be a ___- sleep, be quiet, let strangers go if they want, be vigitant dogberry, watchman
the boys fall asleep, and ___ and ___ boast about how they tricked claudio conrade, borachio
___ and ___ were arrested by the watch conrade, borachio
deliberate misuse of the wrong word for comic effect malapropism
beatrice wasn’t with hero last night because she was ___ sick
___ is a jokester now margaret
___ and ___ show up at leonato’s door, they want leonato to examine the suspects, but he does not have time because of the wedding and he knows they are crazy dogberry, verges
we have comprehended two auspicious persons we have apprehended two suspicious persons
comprehended two auspicious persons= we, ________, have comprehended what conrade and borachio have done the audience

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