Much Ado About Nothing – Act 1 & Act 2, Scene 1

Why is Don Pedro coming to Leonato’s house? Don Pedro (and his soldiers) are on their way back from the war.
Who is Leonato’s daughter? Leonato’s daughter is Hero.
What is the relationship between Hero and Beatrice? Hero and Beatrice are cousins.
What two animals does the Messenger compare Claudio to? The Messenger says Claudio has done “in the figure of a lamb, the feats of a lion.”
What did Beatrice promise to do if Claudio killed anyone? If Claudio managed to kill anyone at war, Beatrice said she would “eat all of his killing.”
What kind of soldier is Claudio? Claudio is described as a “good” soldier.
How does Leonato describe the relationship between Beatrice and Benedick? Beatrice and Benedick’s relationship is described with the metaphor “merry war.”
Beatrice doesn’t approve of Claudio’s friendship with Benedick. She says he will… …”hang upon Claudio like a disease.” It’s a simile.
Benedick’s first words to Beatrice are… “My dear Lady Disdain.”
When Benedick says “I am loved of all ladies… I love none,” what technique is it? “I am loved of all ladies… I love none,” is alliteration.
Instead of hear a man say he loves her, what would Beatrice rather do? Beatrice would rather “Hear my dog bark at a crow.”
Claudio uses a metaphor to describe Hero when he first sees her. What is it? Claudio calls Hero “a jewel.”
Benedick promises never to marry. He says… …”I will live a bachelor.”
As well as being beautiful, Claudio likes Hero because she is an only child. Why is this important? Hero is an only child, so she will inherit all her father’s wealth.
Who is Don John? Don John is Don Pedro’s evil (half) brother.
Don John describes himself as… …”a plain dealing villain.”
Don Pedro woos Hero for Claudio, but Claudio doesn’t believe him at first. Why not? Don John has said that Don Pedro wanted Hero for himself.
How soon does Claudio want to get married? How long does Leonato make him wait? Claudio wants to be married the next day. Leonato makes him wait a week.
Don Pedro proposes to Beatrice, who has a “merry heart.” Why doesn’t she accept? She thinks Don Pedro is “too costly.”
What kind of wife does Don Pedro think Beatrice would be for Benedick? Don Pedro thinks Beatrice would make an “excellent wife for Benedick.”
Leonato doesn’t think Beatrice and Benedick getting married is a good idea because… …he says “If they were but a week married, they would talk themselves mad.”
How does Don John plan to trick Claudio? Don John will trick Claudio by making him think Hero has cheated on him.
Who does Benedick overhear saying Beatrice loves him? Claudio, Don Pedro, and Leonato all trick Benedick.
Why does Benedick believe what he overhears? Benedick believes Leonato, and what he says about Hero.
What do the men say Beatrice would rather do, than tell Benedick she loves him? Beatrice would rather “die” than admit she loves Benedick.
Benedick says it’s okay to change your mind about marriage because “the appetite alters.” What two techniques are in this quotation? “The appetite alters” has both alliteration (the ‘a’ sounds) and a metaphor (he’s not really talking about his appetite).
When Beatrice overhears Ursula and Hero talking, she says Benedick can “tame my wild heart to thy loving hand.” Does this mean she loves him? Yes, Beatrice loves Benedick so much that she will ‘calm down,’ for him.

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