Much Ado About Nothing Act 1

What is Don John’s reasoning for hating Don Pedro? He has a bigger inheritance
How do Beatrice and Benedick greet each other? they are very sarcastic with each other and make smart comments to one another
Who is the older brother of Leonato? Antonio
What does Borachio tell Don John about his emotions? That he must stay happy and act like everything is okay with Don Pedro
Why does Don John dislike Claudio? Because claduio put down the rebellion that Don John started against Don pedro
what does Antonio think he heard and later tells Leonato? that Don Pedro is going to propose to Hero
what does Borachio think he heard and later tells Don John? that Don Pedro is going to win Hero over and ask her to marry him and later give her to Claudio
who actually wants to marry Hero and what are his plans to get there? Claudio wants to marry Hero. Don Pedro is going to pretend he is Claudio and say to Hero will you marry me then got to Leonato and arrange the marriage for Claudio
how are Hero and Beatrice foils? Hero: dark and short, very shy, wants to fall in love Beatrice: fair and tall, outgoing, does not want to fall in love
Why is Leonato happy when he thinks Don Pedro wants to marry Hero? because Don Pedro is a prince. back then weddings were all about money. If Hero married a prince she would marry into a lot
What did the bride pay for in a marriage? Feast, Dowery/portion (cash to groom), Jewels
What did the groom pay for in a marriage? Inheritance, Allowance, Jointure
Where was Don Pedro, Claudio, and Benedick prior to visiting Messina? They were at war against Don John who was rebelling against Don Pedro
What did Don Pedro do for Claudio? Don Pedro told Claudio that at the masquerade party he will act as Claudio and declare his love for Hero and ask her to marry him. (Don Pedro is in disguise as Claudio)
Describe cuckold and give an example A cuckold is a man whose wife committed adultery Example: Don Pedro jokes with Benedick about the “savage bull” and the use of horns as “horny
Who calls himself a “plain-dealing villian?” Don John
Who are Don John’s two side-kicks? Conrad and Borachio
What is the relationship between Don Pedro and Don John? Half brothers
Who does Claudio intend to propose to? Who does he ask for help? Hero, Don Pedro
What can we infer about the relationship between Benedick and Beatrice? They have a former relationship, but still have feelings for one another

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