Much Ado About Nothing Act 1

Who was victorious in the battle that preceded the opening of the play? Don Pedro was victorious over a fight with his brother
Why has Don Pedro bestowed much honor on Claudio? He has exceeded the expectations of a man his age
When Beatrice asks about Signoir Mountano, to whom is she referring? Signor Benedick of Padua
According to Leonato what kind of “war” is taking place between Beatrice and Benedick a merry war
What does Beatrice say about Benedick’s faith/friendshhip there is a war of words-every time they come together they argue
According to Benedick, truly, he loves no one
As opposed to hearing a man swear he loves her, Beatrice would rather hear dog bark at a crow
How does Benedick respond when Claudio asks him what he thinks about Hero? Benedick does not find Hero attractive and he doesn’t like her
What does Benedick say that hints at his “true” feelings for Beatrice? He says that if it wasn’t for her temper she would be much more beautiful than Hero
How does Claudio feel about Hero? Claudio thinks that she is the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on
How does Don Pedro feel about Hero? He believes that Hero is worthy of Claudio’s love
What are Benedick’s thoughts about women in general He’s very thankful for the woman that bore him but he does not trust women
Briefly describe Claudio’s feelings for Hero before he went off to war he really liked what he saw but he was too preoccupied with the war to think of loving her
How is Don Pedro going to help Claudio win over hero he is goign to disguise himself as Claudio and tell her his feelings an then talk to her father
According to what he tells leonato, how does Antonio misinterpret the conversation he overhears between Claudio and Don Pedro? He believes that Don Pedro is in love with Hero and plans on asking her to marry him
What do you learn about the relationship between Don John and his brother, Don Pedro? Don John challenged and opposed Don Pedro and Don Pedro just recently forgave him
How does Barachio interpret the conversation he overhears between Claudio and Don Pedro? He interpreted it that Don pedro Would court her and then once she said yes he would give her to Claudio
What do you learn about Don John’s feelings toward CLaudio? He hates Claudio- he kept Don John from gaining power over his brother

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