Much ado about nothing

Shakespeares birth to death dates 1564-1616
2 meanings for the title -Noting all the time-about nothing
What does Beatrice mean by calling Benedick “Signor Mountanto” being sarcastic towards his fancy fighter
“There is a kind of merry war..” Leonato to Messenger
“My dear Lady Disdain…” Benedick says it to Beatrice
Whats a “parrot-teacher” Talking nonesence
“Jades trick”? When Benedick proposes to abandon thid exchsnge of witticisms when he thinks he has had the last word
“In mine eye she is the sweetest lady that ever I looked on.” Claudio
Be able to quote some of Benedicks earlier protestations regarding marriage, and then what he says later, including his rationalization about why he should now marry. he says he will never get married then he says that the world must be peopled and that he just though he would never live to be able to get married
“How tartly that gentleman looks! I never can…” see him but i am heart burned an hour afterBeatrice
“I was born to speak all mirth and no matter.” Beatrice to Don Pedro
Who is “Monsieur Love” Claudio
The song sign no more ladies sign no more men were deceivers everone foot on sea and one on shoreto one thing constant neverthen sign not so, but let them goand be you blithe and bonnyconverting all your sounds of woeinto hey nonny, nonny
What is “leavy” as in “Summer first was leavy…” when the first summer tress had leaves
Benedicks opinion of Balthasars song he hates it and he thinks it sounds terrible
What does Claudio mean when he says “Stalk on, stalk on;the fowl sits” Keep going pray is in sight
Bait the hook well this fish will bitee to do a good trick because the fish is falling or Beneidick is folling for the joke
why does benedick believe the 3 mischief makers so readily -Because they are being serious-because the old man is saying it-hero confirmed it
How in love with Beatrice will Benedick be Horribly
What is lapwing? why is beatrice described as one a bird and Beatrice is one because she is running all around trying to hear
“Taming my wild heart…” Beatrice
“He hath a heart as sound as a bell…” Don Pedro about Benedick
“Some cupid killd with arrows, some…” with trapsHero to Ursula
What is Dogberrys purpose he is a watchmen and he adds comedy
One thing said by Dogberry is our whole dissembly apperaed he means assembly
Beatrice blames her lovesickness on a physical ailment. what it it? catching a cold
“this looks not like a nuptial.” Benedick
whos Dain? Goddess of virginity and the moon
What do you think of thr Friars plan? why does it work. Its crazy but it works because everyone ends up feeling bad and then they have to tell the truth.
“die to live…” Friar
“Come, bid me do anything for thee.” and the response Benedickkill claudio
“You have killed a sweet lady, and her death shall fall heavily on you.” Leonato
“I was not born under a rhyming planet.” -Benedick
“Heres our one hands against our hearts” -Benedick
“Lets have a dance ere we are married, that we may lighten our own hearts and our wives’ heels.” -Benedick

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