Much Ado About Nothing

What does “Ado” mean? Fuss
Where does Much Ado Nothing take place Italy
What theater was much ado About Nothing performed? The glove theatrr
Quartos Small books of published plays
First Folio Contained all of Shakespeare’s plays
How many sonnets and plays did Shakespeare write? Sonnet- 154Plays- 37
Factors of a comedy – happy ending- mistaken identity- marriage- mischief
Use of Roman numerals in a Shakespearean play Upper case: actLower case: scenes
Beatrice – main girl character- niece of Leonato (governed of Messina)- Hero’s cousin- loves Benedick
Benedick – main male character – top soldier- best friends with Claudio- vows to never marry- in love with Beatrice
Claudio – 2nd top soldier – passionate – falls in love with Hero at 1st sight- a little immature
Don Pedro – general/captain of army- everyone is underneath Don Pedro
Hero – Leonato’s daughter- gentile/loving- falls in love with Claudio
Don John – villain- Claudio’s half-brother- the dispossessed son- 2nd best- tries to stop Claudio’s wedding
Leonato Governer of Messina
Antonio – Leonato’s brother- Beatrice’s dad
Margaret – Hero’s serving woman- likes Borachio
Balthasar Waiting man in Leonato’s household
Borachio – works for Don John- uses Margaret
Conrad Works for Don John
External Conflict Character vs. outside force
Internal conflict Character vs. self
Themes in Much Ado About Nothing – deception- importance of honor for women/men- public shaming- noting

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