Ms. Hart Romeo and Juliet Acts 4 & 5

Why does Paris say the wedding will be so soon? So that Juliet will not be sad anymore.
What is Friar’s plan? -Juliet is to go home and say she will marry Paris-On Wednesday night, Juliet will take a potion (which Friar will give her) to make her appear as dead-Friar will deliver a letter to Romeo telling him to come to Verona -After Juliet is “dead”, Friar and Romeo will go to the family crypt for when she is to wake -Then Juliet and Romeo will escape to Mantua
What is Lord Capulet’s reaction to Juliet saying she is willing to marry Paris? He is so happy that he moves the wedding a day earlier
How does Lord Capulet contribute to Juliet’s actual death in the long-term? Since he moves the wedding up a day, it will mess up Friar’s plan.
What are some doubts Juliet has about taking the potion? -afraid Friar gave her actual poison-scared she will suffocate in the tomb-scared the potion won’t work -scared she will go crazy
What does Juliet keep by herself in case the potion won’t work? a dagger
What does the Nurse joking call Lord Capulet as they are preparing for the wedding? “cot-quean” or man that does the ladies work
Who is the first person to find Juliet dead? Nurse
define disingenuous not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does (how friar acts when the family finds Juliet dead)
What did rosemary symbolize? remembrence
Who brings Romeo the news that his bride is dead? Balthasar, his servant
What does Romeo mean when he says he will be “with Juliet tonight”? He is going to kill himself
Why does the apothacary not want to sell Romeo the poison? because it is illegal
What does Romeo declare as the real poison? money (possibly because this is what started the fued)
Why does Romeo say “I defy you stars!” because they are starcrossed lovers
define tragedy drama in which the main character, who is noble, meets with misfortune
define tragic flaw personality defect that contributes to a hero’s choices, thus to a tragic downfall
What does Friar John say that will mess up Friar Lawrence’s plans? he was unable to give Romeo the letter
Why wasn’t Friar John able to deliver Romeo’s letter? because the guards of the gates thought they were coming to heal people with The Black Plague (since they are ministers) and therefore carried the disease
What does Friar Lawrence carry with him to the Capulet family crypt? a crowbar
What does Paris do when Romeo appears at the Capulet’s family crypt? Paris hides in the bushes
What does Paris think Romeo is at the crypt to do? Paris thinks he’s there to hurt Tybalt even more, although he’s dead
What happens when Paris tries to stop Romeo from getting into the crypt? They fight and Romeo kills Paris
What does Romeo say when he sees Juliet dead in the crypt? That she looks beautiful and “not dead” (we know she isn’t)
What does Romeo do before he takes his poison, which is exactly what Juliet did too? They both toast to each other
What does Romeo do right before he dies? kisses Juliet
What does Friar do after Juliet wakes up? -Friar says he wants to get out of town, drop Juliet off at the convent on the way-When Juliet disagrees, he LEAVES WITHOUT HER
How does Juliet die? She stabs herself with Romeo’s dagger (must have had extreme force while doing so)
Why does Friar Lawrence get pulled back to the scene after he tries to escape? because he was running away with a crowbar in his hand
What does Lord Montague reveal at the scene of death? -that Lady Montague had died that night too-he said it must be because of Romeo’s death
Who tells everyone what had happened after the deaths of Romeo, Juliet, and Paris? Friar Lawrence
What do Lord Capulet and Montague offer each other to make up for their losses and stop the fued? They make statues of the other’s child in pure gold, to be worshiped in Verona forever.
What does the prince say about the story of Romeo and Juliet? there will never be a story more full of pain

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