Ms. Calhoun Midterm-Othello

“She loved me for the dangers I had passed/ And I loved her that she did pity them.” Othello
“ere I would say I would drown myself for the love of a guinea hen, I would change my humanity with a baboon.” Iago
“She is abused, stol’n from me, and corrupted/ By spells and medicines bought of mountebanks.” Brabantio
“With as little a web as this will I ensnare as great a fly as Cassio.” Iago
“I have very poor and unhappy brains for drinking.” Cassio
“When devils will the blackest sins put on,/ They do suggest at first with heavenly shows,/ As I do ow.: Iago
“I had rather be a toad/ And live upon the vapor of a dungeon/ Than keep a corner in the thing I love/ For others’ uses.” Othello
“When you shall these unlucky deeds relate, Speak of me as I am…/ Of one that loved not wisely, but too well” Othello
“…O heavy hour!/ Me thinks it should be now a huge eclipse Of son and moon, and that the affrighted globe/ Should yawn at alteration.” Othello
“A guiltless death I die…/ Commend me to my kind lord. Desdemona
“If he say so, may his pernicious soul/ Rot half a grain a day! He lies to the heart./ She was too fond of her most filthy bargain.” Emilia
“He says thou told’st him that his wife was false,/ I know thou didst not; thou’rt not such a villian/ Speak, for my heart is full.” Emilia
“Nay, lay thee down and roar!/ For thou hast killed the sweetest innocent/ That e’re did lift up eye.” Emilia
“..I ask your pardon./ Will you, I pray, demand that demi-devil /Why he hath thus ensnared my soul and body?” Othello
courtesan who pursues Cassio Bianca
ensign who plots downfall of his commander Iago
Desdemona’s old suitor; swindled by iago Roderigo
virtuous bride slandered by iago Desdemona
Iago’s wife’ desdemona’s lady-in-waiting emilia
desdemona’s father; accuses othello of witchcraft brabantio
TF Roderigo and Iago incite brabatio against othello …T
TF roderigo loves desdemona T…
TF brabatio refuses to forgive his daughter for her secret marriage T…
TFdesdemona shows great concern during her husband’s expedition to cyprus T…
TF iago is a very practical man T…
TF othello first begins to suspect his wife when he sees cassio steal away rom her T…
TF othello considers the handkerchief episode to be his first real proof of desdemona’s insincerity T…
TFthe great quarrel whih takes place between othello and desdemona is caused b the lost handkerchief T…
TFwhenn othello becomes convinced of his wife’s guilt, he falls into a trance T…
TF Roderigo owes money to Iago F
TFlodovico sees othello strike desdemona T…
TFthe innocence of desdemona manifests itself in her conversation with emilia T…
TFdesdemona learns from othello that cassio has been put to death T…
TF Othello is killed by the sword of Iago F
TFat first emilia cannot believe that iago is guilty of the cowardly plot against othello T…
TFiago is taken prisoner before the end of the play T…
TFby her innocent pleading for forgiveness, desdemona arouses the suspicion of othello T…
TF The clown is an important character in this play F
TFafter he recovvers from his drunken state, cassio admits that he has done wrong T…
TFbianca wins the respect of the reader T…
TF Cassio is a likely lover for Desdemona because he wants revenge against Othello F
tf Othello gives his wife no time to pray before he kills her f
TFcassio knew desdemona before her marriagea dn, in fact, was one of her suitors T…
TF Iago is sincere when he speaks approvingly of cassio F
TFDuring the expedition othello leaves his wife in the care of iago T…
tf Iago is not informed that Cassio is to be given Othello’s position f
TFothello tells desdemona that her handkerchief is a magical charm which guarantees a husband’s affection T…
Emilia is est described as loyal and full of common sense
iago takes desdemona’s handkerchief and secretly puts it in cassio’s lodging
TF Othello sees Bianca give the stolen handkerchief to Emilia F
iago tells othello that cassio dreams of making love to desdemona
when othello asks desdemona where her handkerchief is, she tries to discuss cassio instead
cassio gives bianca the handkerchief so she can copy the embroidery for him
the letter lodovico brings from venice recalls othello and names cassio governor
iago suggests that othello kill his wife by strangling
as part of his plot, iago plans to have cassio slain by roderigo
othello rejects emilia’s protest that desdemona is faithful since he thinks emilia is lying to protect desdemona
iago swindles roderigo by taking jewels intended for desdemona
desdemona’s death is foreshadoed by the willow song
with her dying breath, desdemona exonerates othello
brabantio dies from grief over desdemona’s marriage
roderigo receives his fatal wound from iago
shakespeare wrote (how many) plays 37
“Othello” falls into the category of___ tragedy
the period in which shakespear lived is called the ____ renaissance
how many lines does a sonnet have? 14
traditional sonnets are written in iambic pentameter
suggestive, perhaps sexual humor is called____ bawdy
the elizabethans belived in a hierarchy of all plant and animal life called___ the great chain of being
when a character leans toward the audience to say the truth, you have an aside
the element of a character’s personality which helps cause his downfall is a tragic flaw
when the audience knows more than the characters on stage, you have___ irony dramatic
the idea that nature reflects the chaos of a kingdom is called _____ the pathetic fallacy
what percentage of poetry can you find in shakespeare’s plays? 72%
TF Emilia is untrue to desdemona throughout the play f
TF In the first act, Desdemona is characterized as a spineless creature F
TF Iago does not wish to bring his wife into the plot against Othello F
TFwhen desdemona hears the mandate which is given to her husband near the close of the play, she admits that she is glad T…
TF Iago has no trouble making othello jealous of Desdemona F
tf Iago is the first to learn of the death of Desdemona F
TFlodovico is disappointed in othello when he sees him again at cyprus T…
tf Cassio’s conversation with iago shows that he loves Bianca f
tf Othello refuses to obey the mandate given to him f
TFiago believes that othello is an honest man T…
TF Othello learns the truth from Roderigo F
TFdesdemona first believes that othello’s jealousy is due to his concern about affairs of state T…
TF The charge Brabantio officially lodges against Othello is that of eloping with desdemona without permission F

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